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Barbara Acne Journey | The Skin To Love Clinic

Acne Treatment : A Patient’s Journey

Last summer, Barbara came to us with severe acne. Despite years of trying to control the condition with antibiotics, she could not get rid of it and it was severely affecting her life. We treated her with laser therapy and she was so thrilled with the results, she wanted to share her journey to give hope to anyone with the same condition.

Barbara’s story

I visited The Skin to Love Clinic at possibly one of my lowest times, reluctant to leave the house, excused from my best friend’s daughter’s christening, missing from the school run, hiding in the office at work was a 38-year-old mummy with a severe acne breakout.

I knew if anyone could help me it would be the Clinic’s team. Due to my reluctance to using strong medication, I was prescribed pulse dye laser therapy; immediately after the acne treatment the difference was incredible.

No words can describe the dramatic difference in just one week, which is why I ask that you share my pictures everywhere possible so that other suffering people can see the incredible results and get that Cinderella-found-her-Fairy-Godmother kind of feeling!


21st May – Acne Treatment day. As always, great instance reduction in redness. Chin looking better. Nose had a new lesion. So want to wear pink lipstick.

22nd May – Lesion better, nose red. Chin still happy.

23rd May – Holding its own. Nose has a new red patch but not too bad.

24th May – Still about the same.

25th May – Few small whiteheads.

26th May – Acne Treatment day. Nose is sore today, skin still very much improved.

28th May – Big hard spot on right side on nose which is angry and new one at the entrance of nostril; thinking about using antibiotics again.

31st May – Taken antibiotic; I have a big spot under my nose – I look like a hamster!

2nd June – Had laser treatment today and antibiotics . Whiteheads around mouth. Chin is good.

Saturday 3rd June – Less swollen and red around nose and on nose.

5th June – Less red, nose calm.

11th June – Had laser today and still on antibiotics.

12TH June – No concealer needed today, looking good. Also using Aknicare cream and topical vitamin A.

13th June – Trying out antibiotics every other day now. Happy and confident. Note: ovulation time.

18th to 19th June – Happy looking skin <3 Wore pink lippy!!! Kids said “Mummy, your spots are all gone!”

20th to 29th June – Great skin. Small amount of redness on right side of chin.

30th June to 1st July – On my period. Nose and chin has one spot, each slightly red.

31st July – Had laser. My period-skin is the best it’s been for a long time.

1st to 7th August – Skin great. Orange lipstick worn 😀

10th to 16th August – No antibiotics.

17th August – Small flare up on nose, started taking antibiotics again. No big flare ups in almost 2 months!! Ovulation time.

23rd August – Skin all calm now. Period is due so continuing antibiotics every day.

1st September – Skin all good. Stopped antibiotics.

23rd September – On holiday. Skin is great. Orange lippy every night, hooray!

3rd October – My colleague (a veterinary dermatologist) commented on my laser treatment being successful. Condition of skin much improved. Have only two normal sized spots.

Important considerations when you’re being treated for acne

We’re very grateful to Barbara for sharing her story and allowing us to use her image to help others. If you’re suffering from severe acne and would like to treat it, you need to take a few things into account.

Managing acne is isn’t always plain sailing; as Barbara found, there can be times when the skin will breakout, even during treatment.

It’s important to bear in mind that, as there can be multiple internal and external factors influencing the disease, treatment will need to take all of them into account. Laser treatment is a stand-alone option, with an additional, specific daily skincare regime. Some patients will also benefit from systematic/oral treatment. There is no ‘one size fits all’ magic solution, but there are clinically-proven solutions that may help.

We frequently review our acne patients with Visia skin scans so we can measure progress; this is a really helpful tool because when you see yourself everyday, it can sometimes be difficult to judge the changes as they tend to be gradual. Patients are often pleasantly surprised at the progress they’ve made once they see the scan images!


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