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Why is it better to buy skincare products in person?

Do you know your skin type? Do you know what the best products are for your skin? Do you know what certain ingredients do and why? For many of us, it’s little more than guesswork, or going for the brand with the most attractive packaging.

But that’s not the best way of going about choosing the most effective skincare products. For instance, you could use something a lifestyle magazine has told you is a celebrity’s favourite. But it doesn’t matter how lovely their skin looks (and we all know that magazines Photoshop the vast majority of celeb photos), you wouldn’t necessarily get the product that’ll give your skin the best results.

Maybe you could go to your local department store and ask the person manning each brand’s counter for advice. They’ll undoubtedly recommend what they think is best for you within their product range, and they may well be right. But are they seeing your skin properly? You’ll probably be wearing makeup which will mask your skin type. And they may not ask all the questions they’d need to get a good overview.

There are distinct advantages of having a professional consultation at a clinical aesthetic practice like Skin To Love. Firstly, we’ll ask you to remove all your makeup in order to be able to examine your skin properly to find out your true skin type. We also have a highly experienced team of medical and cosmetic experts who understand how the skin works. For instance, older people who get acne will automatically buy antibacterial products which also dry the skin, but these products may not be appropriate – in fact they might even end up making the acne worse. It’s far better to get a professional consultation before spending money on the wrong products.

Another advantage of coming in to see us for a consultation before buying skincare products is that we know the right questions to ask. We’ll find out whereyour concerns are and will be able to address them appropriately. We can also explain what the ingredients used in modern products are and how they’ll help improve your skin.

Because we are an independently run clinic, we only stock products which are backed by clinical evidence; we’ve cherry picked the ones we believe to be the best and most effective, regardless of how trendy they are. As we have quite a wide range of brands, we’ll always have the one that’s exactly right for you – after all, no skin is a ‘one brand’ skin, so why not have the best from a range of brands.

We’ll teach you the best skincare regime for your type and explain how to use the products to greatest effect. We also have the facility to combine cosmeceutical products with prescription drugs if needed (if this is a route you’d be happy to go down) to try to get the best possible results, for example with concerns such as Rosacea.

Product safety

One of the main reasons why you shouldn’t buy skincare products and cosmetics online is that there are so many fakes on the market. When it comes to skincare, fake makeup can cause a lot of problems as one Daily Mail reader found out when her eyes had a painful adverse reaction to cheap fake eyeshadow. Whilst eBay and Amazon have return policies on unsatisfactory goods, you need to be 100% certain you’re buying the real deal in the first place. By coming to a salon or clinic which is an approved stockist, you can be assured of the quality and provenance of what you’re buying. Finally, in the unlikely occurrence that someone does have a reaction or has a reaction to an ingredient, there are professionals who are equipped to deal with it who can help.

The Skin To Love clinic is based in St Alban’s city centre. Contact us now if you would like a free consultation and find out how to love your skin.

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