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Wrinkles and Body Fat – What can you do?

We get a lot of people – men and women – asking about two of the most common areas of concern when it comes to the body; wrinkles and body fat. Both are a problem as we age, and in the past it’s seemed like we had to make a choice of one or the other. However, times have changed – you can now have less fat and fewer wrinkles!

We offer popular and effective cosmeceutical treatments for both conditions, which take effect quickly and with minimal disruption to your life, unlike their surgical counterparts.

Stubborn Fat Removal

It doesn’t matter how hard you work out or how healthy your diet, you can sometimes get stubborn pockets of fat that simply will not go away.

There are a number of non-surgical ways of removing these pockets, and The Skin To Love Clinic specialises in two of them: Cristal™ which freezes fat cells, and Liposonix® which uses ultrasound. In this video, we explain what both treatments are and tell you a little about how and why they work.

Click here to watch our video on Fat Removal

Fillers and Wrinkle Relaxing Injections

As you get older, two things happen. One is that your face loses volume; the other is that facial muscles work harder which results in wrinkles. In this video, we explain what the difference is, why this happens, and how using either a filler or a wrinkle relaxing injection can offer a solution.

Last year we were delighted to be recognised by Teosyal, manufacturer of dermal fillers, which presented us with an Outstanding Clinic award.

Click here to watch the video on Youtube or click below…

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