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Skincare for Swimmers

Skincare products to treat chlorine rashes

People who swim regularly will understand chlorine rashes how much chlorine can dry your skin.

Swimming pools use chlorine because it is a powerful disinfectant, and kills all the nasty bacteria you may find in a public pool in order to keep swimmers safe. The downside is that it also kills all the good bacteria, including the ones that help your body produce Vitamins B12 and K, and the antioxidants that help kill the free radicals that are so important in preventing premature ageing. It also destroys Vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids which can result in acne and skin irritations such as eczema and rashes.

According to the sports governing body British Swimming, people who swim a lot in chlorinated water tend to develop dry, itchy skin or a chlorine rash. Chlorine bonds to your skin, so the effects will be worse if you don’t get rid of it properly. They recommend countering the dehydrating effects of chlorine by showering for several minutes after your swimming session to make sure no chlorine has been left on your skin; washing your swimming costume thoroughly and as soon as possible as skin rashes are often worse under the costume; and using a moisturising cream, especially on dry eczematous patches. You should also consider using a barrier cream, such as Vaseline, on patches of dry skin before going into the pool to try to reduce skin contact with the chemicals.

Best skin products for swimmers

A good face and body wash is essential to remove traces of chlorine; use them as soon as possible after swimming.

Rebalance and restore the lipid barrier and nourish very dry skin with a product that increases hydration and smoothness, repairs the barrier function of the skin and promotes healing; Swisscode’s Pure Vitamin F Forte ticks all of these boxes with its high y-Linolenic Acid content.

Rehydrating the skin is also super important for swimmers. One of the best ingredients for this is Hyaluronic Acid (HA). HA is found naturally within our skin and the older we get, the less HA the body produces, which leads to increased dryness and fine lines. HA can also hold up to a thousand times its weight in water so you’ll get the benefit of the product drawing that moisture into your skin. And on that note…

Hydrate hydrate hydrate!

There are a number of reason why you should drink lots of fresh water before and after your swim. It will help to purify your skin by replacing moisture lost from the drying effects of the chlorine, protecting your against chlorine rashes or dry patches, and it also helps flush out the toxins in your body too – including the chlorine from the pool.

You can also make sure your diet includes a lot of essential fatty acids and omega-3, e.g. nuts, avocados and chia seeds, which will help keep your skin moisturised.

If you would like some more advice about the best moisturising and cleansing products to use for your skin to diminish the effects of chlorine, pop in to our central St Albans Clinic or if you’re interested in purchasing the Swisscode’s Pure Vitamin F Forte, we do have this in our clinic so don’t be afraid to step in, say hello and pick some up for yourself.

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