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Skin To Love Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas Competition Time!

To join in on all the festive activities this year, we’re giving away a Clear and Brilliant treatment worth £250 to celebrate the jolly season with you!

Clear and Brilliant uses lasers to create hundreds of tiny treatment areas on your skin tissue, meaning that your skin is made to look younger and fresher from the inside-out, which is great for preserving your young, smooth skin or holding back those signs of ageing skin.

With little to no downtime with this treatment, it’s the perfect answer to a busy schedule as you can pop into the clinic, have your treatment and get back to your Christmas shopping. The beauty of Clear and Brilliant is well is that the treatment works so fast, where you can expect to see the first signs of improvements within days.

How to Enter

  1. The spinning S must be stopped within the outline so that the black is no longer visible
  2. Once you’ve stopped the S, take a screenshot or a photo using your phone
  3. Send us your screenshot or photo – you can do this however you like (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email or even print a copy out and come in and see us!)

There’s only one rule – No cheating! This is Christmas after all (The image below is just for display only! So you’ll have to find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

Skin to Love - Clear + Brilliant Giveaway

Win a treatment worth £250 this Christmas!

Terms & Conditions

  1. The £250 treatment cannot be exchanged for monetary value or any alternative treatments.
  2. Winner must be deemed physically suitable for the treatment.
  3. The treatment date must be booked in before the period expiring 31/01/17

*Disclaimer: Results from Clear + Brilliant™ may vary from person to person, because each individual responds differently to treatments.

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