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Top 4 Conditions Affecting Men & What to Do About Them

Cosmetic treatments for men have been on the rise for a number of years now and we can vouch for that at Skin to Love. More and more men are turning to us for a little sprinkle of youth, however, some of our most popular male treatments may just surprise you.

1: Redness

Facial broken veins, background redness and skin flushing are extremely common concerns that men seek our guidance for. Often these are symptoms of a condition called Rosacea, which can affect both men and women. Some of these symptoms can be managed at home with specialist skin products and diet; those who suffer with skin redness and flushing can often associate their symptoms flaring up if they eat or drink certain things such as alcohol and spicy food, or if they are going through a period of stress.

There are also very effective in-clinic treatments to help treat redness, including Veinwave, Regenlite and Byonik, which can improve individual broken-veins as well as reduce inflammation and background redness. It’s worth noting that once a broken-vein has become visible, it is unlikely to disappear on its own without treatment.

2: Unwanted hair

Laser hair removal is very popular with men of all ages at Skin to Love; the most popular areas for treatment being the back, chest, genitals, buttocks and ears. Many men are opting for this treatment because of the long-term results achievable with the Soprano Ice laser and see it as a better option than the on-going, often painful option of waxing or shaving; quite often it’s partners who initially suggest this treatment as they are usually the one who has to perform the aforementioned treatments at home for them! We’d recommend that you consider starting this treatment before all the hair turns silver or white as the laser needs the pigmentation (colour) in the hair for it to be effective. There’s no time like the present!

3: Signs of ageing

Long gone are the days when beauty and cosmetic treatments are thought of as a ‘girls only’, and rightly so if you ask us! Why shouldn’t men look and feel good too? At Skin to Love, all of our treatments are non-surgical so the results can be very natural looking; in fact most of the time our patients tell us that they’ve started getting compliments about how well they look, asking them if they’ve just come back from holiday or if they’ve been going to the gym more often – they’re looking relaxed and healthy, but nobody is able to put their finger on why… Some of the most popular rejuvenation treatments are wrinkle relaxing injections, exfoliating glycolic peels (no downtime and fresh looking skin is always a winner!) and skin tightening with the Thermage treatment is particularly popular for rejuvenating the eye area. Here come the boys!

4: Mole checks

Many men take advantage of our private Consultant Dermatologist to keep a check on their skin health. Dr Crichlow is kept very busy with her Mole Screening service which is great news as, according to Cancer Research UK, skin cancer is the 5th most common cancer in men. Here’s a guide from the British Association of Dermatologists if you are concerned about any of your moles – don’t forget about those that are in hard-to-see areas, such as your back and neck. If in doubt, seek professional help.

If you are interested in talking to us about any of these conditions or treatments, please don’t hesitate to book a consultation.  


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