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Miss Hertfordshire 2017 - The Skin To Love Clinic

Even beauty queens have skin problems

Imagine our surprise when we discovered that one of our newest clients is the current Miss Hertfordshire! Crowned just three months ago, she’ll shortly be competing in the Miss England Finals.

Rachel Pitman is lovely in all senses of the word. She graduated from the University of Reading with a first class degree in Consumer Behaviour & Marketing, currently works as a Strategic Insight Executive at Premier Foods, and is also a communications volunteer with Youth Concern. A very good ambassador for the county.

So what is a beauty queen doing in a skincare clinic?

Unfortunately, like many young people, including even the most successful pop stars and actors, Rachel suffers from acne. Clearly she hasn’t let it hold her back from entering beauty pageants, but it is a big enough problem for her to ask us to do something about it.

When she came into the Clinic, Rachel had a consultation with one of our nurses who performed a Visia skin analysis. Visia is a device that takes special photographs showing various aspects of the skin such as the bacteria, redness, UV damage, pores and much more. During this consultation, we also discovered that Rachel has Rosacea (which was a surprise to Rachel!) which is causing her skin to have a ‘flushed’, ruddy appearance. We discussed the various treatments we can offer to help improve Rachel’s acne, which was her main concern, as well as the redness.

After considering all the options, Rachel decided to go ahead with a course of Regenlite Pulsed Dye Laser treatments which she combined with a product regime specifically designed for her to use at home. The products worked on various aspects of Rachel’s acne including controlling the bacteria growth, reducing the oil production and generally improving the skin health (which also means her skin would receive the laser better). The Regenlite helped in two ways; to improve the redness of her skin, and to trigger an immune response to help reduce her acne.

After just one week

We reviewed Rachel’s progress after just one week of product use and only five days following her first Regenlite treatment and her results were amazing! Rachel reported that the spots on her skin weren’t as big as before and the ones that were there were disappearing more quickly than previously. A scan confirmed percentage of spots dropped from 26% down to 6%.

Her Visia scan was also impressive!

In the weeks since

Following Rachel’s course her redness has improved substantially, especially over her cheeks. Her acne has greatly improved, she’s not getting as many spots and now knows how to manage the odd zit if it comes up.

Having restored her confidence, she now is feeling photo-ready for the Miss England finals starting the second week of July!

Rachel’s advice to anyone else suffering with acne is: “Don’t let it stop you from doing anything and don’t give up. I’d been searching for about three years to try to find something to help my skin and now I know there really are options that work – the more science behind the treatment, the better! Just try to find a clinic that really know what they’re doing.”    

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish Rachel the very best of luck in the Miss England competition – we’ve got everything crossed for you!

If you suffer from acne or rosacea and would like us to have a look and discuss the treatment options available, contact us to make an appointment, or just pop into our Chequer Street Clinic in the centre of St Albans.

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