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Festive Skin Care

Festive Skin Care Tips

With the Festive Season just around the corner, there’s still time to spruce up before the parties begin.  The team here at the Skin to Love Clinic in St Albans offer a few top tips on skin care treatments that can be fitted in time for Christmas from brightening dull skin, fat freezing to tackling sunspots and sun damage to achieve a fresh glowing skin.

Body sculpting and Christmas dresses

Natalia Ostrowska,  independent nurse prescriber ‘If you want to sculpt unwanted pockets of fat in order to slip into that special party dress then Cristal™ or Liposonix® may be the treatments for you.  A one-off treatment of Cristal ‘fat freezing’ is great if you are close to your perfect body weight but want to rid yourself of or sculpt those stubborn pouches.  Ideal for treating arms, love handles, abdomen, saddlebags, legs and knees and of course achieving a streamline party dress figure.  Another popular treatment is Liposonix, here we use a high-intensity focused ultrasound technology to get rid of targeted fat particularly around the waistline.  But remember before you tuck into that extra pre-Christmas goodie body contouring and fat-loss treatments will help to improve your shape, but they are designed for inch-loss rather than weight-loss.  Positive outcomes can be seen as early as 4 weeks with both treatments, so, there’s still time to take action before Christmas and New Year’s Eve.’

Twinkling lights and sparkling skin

Emma Foster, aesthetic practitioner  ‘Christmas always makes me think of twinkling lights and sparkle, and why shouldn’t we sparkle too! If you want to brighten up your complexion, refreshing your skin from the inside out and making it look younger, then try a few sessions of Clear + Brilliant.  It’s suitable for the face, neck and décolletage, and the treatment, which takes approximately half an hour, stimulates collagen and refines pores making your skin look brighter, feel softer and have a more even tone just a few days after the first treatment.  Sparkle ladies, sparkle!’

A bright, fresh skin in time for Christmas

Kerri Lewis, clinic manager  ‘With the colder months upon us you might be worrying that it will be hard to maintain a bright, fresh skin throughout the winter.  So, if you’re looking for a treatment that gives you immediate results and leaves your skin healthier, smoother, fresher and plumper with no downtime then Byonik, the newest addition to our portfolio, could be for you.  The treatment uses your individual pulse frequency to trigger laser light, this stimulates the skin at a cellular level making it very absorbent, allowing each treated skin cell to absorb hydrating hyaluronic acid as well as powerful antioxidants.  This non-invasive 

NASA technology re-energises and repairs dormant skin cells, collagen and elastin allowing the hydrating hyaluronic acid to stay in the skin for up to 4 weeks and give you an instant lifting and smoothing effect. So, not only will your skin look brighter and fresher, but you will also enjoy an evener tone and texture.  I’ve experienced the benefits of the Byonik laser myself as I have had treatments to help me get ready for a series of awards ceremonies we’re attending and of course the party season…further treatments are still on my Christmas wish list!’

Get the skin treatments you deserve!

Laura Kingham, aesthetic practitioner ‘It may be cold out there in December but despite that party, dresses are often low cut.  If you worried about revealing your décolletage because of ageing, sun damage, sun spots or even scarring then a non-invasive Fraxel Dual treatment may just be the answer.  The beauty of the Fraxel Dual laser is that it can target deep within the exact section of damaged skin that requires treatment leaving the tissue around it untouched which in turn promotes rapid healing.  Your body is then able to replace the old or damaged cells with healthy new ones giving you a fresh glowing skin that you won’t want to hide! Fraxel Dual is suitable for all skin types and can be used on both the body and face.  Offered as a single treatment, although some concerns may require a course, patients typically start to see improvements 4 days after treatment. With no more angst about wearing a plunging neckline, all that’s left now is get an appointment booked for the skin treatments you deserve in time for Christmas.  Do contact us today!

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