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Skin treatments for men

Christmas gift ideas for the men in your life

Did you know that nearly a third of our patients are men? We think it’s great that so many men aren’t afraid to embrace that they’d like to make changes to their appearance.

Like women, many skin conditions can knock a man’s confidence and self-esteem, and treatment can have a positive effect. Or, as our client Sebastian told us: “it has changed my life”.

If you’re looking for a last minute gift ideas for a man, be it your husband, boyfriend, son or friend, why not think about a Skin To Love voucher so they can get guidance advice from our team as to what would be the best treatment or product for them. If your partner is notoriously bad when it comes to trying to start the New Year on a high, you could give them a helping hand and set them on a good path.

Popular Skin Treatments

These are the treatments we think would make great gift ideas for men:

Laser hair removal

Men asking for laser hair removal is more common than you’d think. The areas men are most self-conscious about are chest and back, but we also see patients suffering from in-growing beard hairs. We offer hair removal using Soprano ICE technology which is not only safe and effective, it’s also significantly less painful than other treatments!


Many men are as self-conscious about the signs of ageing on their skin as women. Many of our male patients have the Thermage treatment; this is a one-off treatment that stimulates new collagen and tightens the skin to make it feel and look smoother. It can take up to six months to see the full effects as the changes happen very gradually.

Men are also opting for wrinkle-relaxing injections to help them look younger, which are sometimes referred to as ‘Brotox’!

Non-invasive fat removal

However hard you work out at the gym, exercise and diet alone is sometimes just not enough to get rid of that stubborn little pouch of fat around the middle. A lot of men come to us for our cryolipolysis non-surgical fat removal treatments, as they do not require a break in their workout schedule, or any time off work.


Rosacea in men can be more severe than for women, causing distress because of the severity of the condition. Whilst rosacea cannot be cured, it can be managed. Our medical practitioners can give advice and treatment.


Severe acne can cause tremendous psychological damage as well as physical scarring. We offer treatments tailored to the individual; this may include pulse dye laser treatments, at-home products, peels, systemic products, or Isolaz® which uses a combination of vacuum and light technology to help kill the bacteria that causes acne.

Acne scarring

If it’s now too late to treat the condition and scarring has occurred, our Derma FNS micro-needling treatments, Fraxel® dual, PRP, Clear + Brilliant laser or Regenlite treatments should be able to reduce the scarring and increase confidence.

General scarring

Almost a third of men with visible scars are so self-conscious about them, they feel they must try and live up to a ‘tough guy’ image. Others feel compelled to make jokes about their scars, or fear they are being judged negatively about them as a result. Depending on the type of scarring, we have a range of treatments that could help reduce the appearance of the scar tissue.

Skincare products

We also have a number of skincare products on sale that will help men make the most of their skin. Why don’t you pop into the Clinic on Chequer Street in St Albans to chat to our staff about their concerns or buy him a gift voucher so he can come along for a consultation to fully discuss his options. Alternatively, give us a ring on 01727 837429 for advice.

If you need any more convincing that men love our treatments, here’s what a few of our patients have said:

Great service and amazing results! 10 out of 10!” Simon, facial broken veins

“Really amazing service. So professional, knowledgeable and sympathetic (when it was painful). Also really lovely, friendly people. Can’t recommend highly enough.” Gavin, unwanted hair

Always very well looked after. Perfect!” Matthew, lines and wrinkles

“The clinic and in particular Emma, Laura and Jane have been fantastic. I’m a male and have suffered from back and bottom hair growth. The girls were professional, caring and non-judgmental at all times – and were a good laugh during treatments too! I would highly recommend The Skin To Love Clinic to anyone thinking of getting a treatment for hair removal.” Dervis

Forget Harley Street – The Skin To Love Clinic is the place to go!! My son suffered from acne and hated his skin so much he wouldn’t leave the house; his confidence hit rock bottom and he was at a loss with his skin. We tried everything from expensive products to going into London to see dermatologists. One day he told me he’d seen The Skin To Love in St Albans and suggested we go in for a consultation. This was a few months ago and since then I am lost for words on how absolutely incredible Jane and her experienced team have been. Not only has my son’s skin been transformed but they have helped him rebuild his confidence.” Sheila

“I have been going to The Skin To Love Clinic for two years now. From the first moment I went in I was made to feel welcome; the treatments are always discussed fully and no question was too small and was answered professionally. The treatments are excellent and it has changed my life, I really have been made to feel like part of the family, and they all put the customer at the heart of everything they do.” Sebastian

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