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How to get a glowing complexion for your wedding day

As soon as you’ve been swept off your feet by your partner’s marriage proposal, you’ll find yourselves rushed off your feet because there’s so much to organise. Happy couples can very quickly turn into grumpy couples as the magnitude of how much they need to do hits them – weddings are stressful!

Many couples become so consumed with the minutiae of table decorations, canapés, wedding favours etc, they completely forget to take care of themselves.

How to glow on the day

Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life and you are both going to be the centre of attention, celebrity-style! That means you’ll be immortalised not only on the official photographs, but your image will also be plastered across social media, thanks to the enthusiasm of your families and friends.

What you don’t want is for these all-important photos to be showing a lacklustre skin!

So what you need to do is think of a glowing complexion  as one of your ‘must haves’ for your wedding day and treat it with the same organisational efficiency as your search for the perfect venue, flowers, seating plan etc.


Start your regime now. There’s no point waiting till the last minute and slapping a facepack on the night before – that will only end in spots (and tears!). We suggest giving yourself a minimum of three month’s preparation, longer wherever possible – especially if you have specific concerns such as acne, scarring or rosacea – to give yourself the best chance of seeing improvements. Never try something new right before your big day.

Cleansing routine

Never go to bed with make-up on, ever. It will not only clog your pores and increase your likelihood of getting spots, blackheads and dull skin.  

There are lots of products out there to cleanse your skin. It’s a really good idea to get professional advice from someone who can analyse your skin and make appropriate suggestions for you as an individual; this is important as we often see patients, for example, who are getting spots and using products that strip the oil from their skin. Ironically, this can result in the over-production of oil as the skin tries to compensate, and a vicious cycle is started.

Remember to cover your entire face when washing. Very often we concentrate products on the middle of the face and totally forget the sides and nose, as well as the jawline and neck.

If you haven’t removed make up with a throw-away face wipe prior to using your wash, you’ll probably need to do a second cleanse to make sure you’ve removed it all. If you want to treat yourself, we love cleansing brushes such as Clarisonic as they thoroughly remove debris from the skin – watch it remove make up here!   


When it comes to moisturising, one of most common mistakes people make is thinking they need a heavy moisturiser, but that’s not necessarily the case. One size does not fit all and the important thing to consider is what ingredients are in the products.

The function of any moisturiser is simply to act as a barrier to stop water leaving your skin. If you have a particularly oily skin, it may be acting as a barrier anyway, so you may not want to use anything extra. If you do, use moisturisers with ingredients which actively treat any concerns you have, such as acne, oil production or redness. If you’re using a sun cream in the day (very important!), get one specifically for the face as it will work as an effective moisturiser with the added benefit of the best anti-ageing ingredient you can lay your hands on – SPF!   


They don’t call it ‘beauty sleep’ for nothing. Try and make sure you get eight hours’ sleep every night and your skin will thank you for it. Do not be tempted to check your phone before you go to bed. And not just because you might get stressed by the content of your emails. There is strong scientific research proving that the blue light emitting from your phone, tablet, iPad, laptop etc prevents your body from producing melatonin, the hormone that helps you sleep. Why checking devices close to bedtime, you will significantly reduce the quality of your sleep, and that will not only leave you feeling tired from the ‘jetlag’, it’ll also leave your skin looking grey and dull.

Treat yourself

If you’re worried about fine lines, enlarged pores, blemishes, excess hair or areas of hard-to-shift excess fat, what better excuse is there than your wedding to do something about it. We have a whole range of innovative ways of treating a range of cosmetic and dermatological conditions which will help you look great and feel confident with the way you look on your big day.

What to do if you wake up with a big zit on the morning of your wedding!

Don’t panic! And do not pick it because this could result in it looking worse. After a warm shower, if the offending spot hasn’t self-destructed, use a product with Salicylic Acid in it just on the area; this ingredient helps to reduce inflammation.    

If you would like to make sure your skin looks its best on your wedding day, contact us or pop into the Clinic to talk to one of our fully trained members of staff. If you would like an aesthetic treatment but are also watching your budget, check out our Offers page which is regularly updated. Remember that before any treatment you’ll need a consultation, so we’ll be able to explain any treatment fully and make sure it’s right for you.

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