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Jane’s anti-ageing tips

Our MD, Jane, has been working in the medical and cosmetics world for many years and her expertise which is much sought-after – she’s featured on TV programmes like Ten Years Younger and Embarrassing Bodies, and was a speaker at this year’s Aesthetics Conference, the leading medical aesthetics industry event. With experience like this at our fingertips, we’ve asked Jane to share her best anti-ageing tips.

What happens to us that makes us look old?

As we start to age we begin to lose the ability to reproduce collagen, bone density starts to diminish, lips become thinner and the fat pads in our face can lose volume and start to drop (see illustration) which can dramatically change shape and fullness of the face.

Pigmentation can also become a problem, and this is something we see daily in the Skin to Love Clinic. This is more often than not as a result of too much sun exposure. For the majority of our clients, this probably happened as a child, when we (and our parents) didn’t have the awareness that we do now about the dangers of tanning and accidental sun exposure.

Sun damage from decades ago can often rise to the surface of the skin and present as freckles, sun or ‘age’ spots or pigmentation. There is a study that suggests we perceive people as older than they may actually be if they have an uneven, pigmented complexion or a pronounced nasolabial groove (the folds that run from the nose to the corners of the mouth).

So, what can we do about it?

fat pads as we age - The Skin To Love Clinic

There are a number of treatments which can be effective for wrinkles:

  • Fillers plump up the lines and make up for the loss of volume.
  • Wrinkle relaxing injections which reduce muscle movement in areas around the creases/lines, e.g. forehead and crow’s feet.
  • Stimulate collagen through procedures such as Fraxel, Clear + Brilliant, PRP, and Derma pen are great.
  • At home products – hyaluronic acid and retinol are great basic products almost everyone can use (NB you must not use retinol during pregnancy).

Turkey neck

Whilst surgery may be an option for some, the majority will benefit from skin tightening treatments such as Thermage, or a course of Regenlite skin tightening.

Spare tyre/love handles

Non-invasive alternatives to surgical liposuction such as Cristal or Liposonix are becoming more and more popular as they require no disruption to your life or your exercise regime.


Legs – can be treated by micro-sclerotherapy, Veinwave or pulse dye laser treatment.
Face and other areas of the body – Veinwave and pulse dye laser treatments.

Sun damage

It’s never too late to prevent further damage and the key is to apply daily sun protection of at least 30SPF which can prevent new pigment being created and stop existing areas getting worse. There’s no point treating existing pigmentation if you don’t protect yourself from now on as the damage may come back.
Treatments – Fraxel, clear+brilliant, derma pen, PRP, and Regenlite.

Products- Obaji product regimes have good success rates (our dermatologist offers this service), and other products such as SkinCeuticals Pigment Corrector will help to suppress and break up the pigmentation in the skin cells.

Is there anything we can do to prevent ageing skin?

Skin ageing is natural, but if we take care of our overall skin health,live a healthy life and reduce our sun exposure then anti-ageing on the whole is a happy coincidence. I would recommend three key, basic products for everyone’s bathroom shelves:

Sun cream – wearing a minimum of an SPF 30 daily is one of the most simple and effective ways to help prevent ‘photo ageing’. Photo ageing includes symptoms such as loss of elasticity with resulting lines and wrinkles from the breakdown of collagen*, as well as pigmentation.
Hyaluronic acid (HA) – this provides a bit of help to replace the diminishing amount of natural HA in our skin as we get older. HA is what gives us a plump, healthy, glowing complexion. This also helps the skin cells to communicate better so if you are having any treatments done it can enhance the results and help the skin recover more quickly
Retinol (Vitamin A) (again, not to be used during pregnancy) – there are varying strengths of this product, so it’s best to ask a professional’s advice as to which is best for you. Retinol allows the skin cells to act ‘normally’, helping the cell turn over and act more like that of a younger person.

*Some of our treatments can also help stimulate the skin’s own collagen creating function – our patients love Thermage skin tightening (especially for the eyes, neck and ‘mummy tummy’) and Clear + Brilliant (for superficial pigmentation, enlarged pores and fine lines).

If you would like help or advice about skin concerns, contact us for advice and book an appointment.

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