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Aesthetic Practitioner | Emma Foster

Meet the Team: Emma

Emma Foster has been working for us as an Aesthetic Practitioner and front of house for just over two years. Her journey here was a long one, geographically speaking. After achieving an NVQ Level 3 in beauty therapy, she combined her work with her love of travel and got a job with Carnival Cruise Line for a while, travelling to exciting and exotic places.

You’d have thought that would ease her wanderlust, but no, she still wants to travel! The top three holidays on her wishlist are to see the Northern Lights, travel to California, and to go on a safari – especially if it means meeting tigers (hopefully not face-to-face).

Back on dry land, she focused on beauty and make-up, ending up as the manager of a beauty salon before joining us on the aesthetic team. She’s a real fan of the Clinic (the feeling’s mutual!) so we sat down with her for a chat about her job.

What do you like best about the Clinic?

The people I get to work with, the knowledge they have and the atmosphere they set around the clinic; I love how they’re able to help people on so, so many levels. And it almost goes without saying, the patients that I get to know throughout their journey with the clinic is a huge highlight.

Have you had any aesthetic treatments yourself?

Yes. In fact I’ve tried many treatments. Before I started working here, I used to come in as a patient myself – it was for laser hair removal which, for me, was very successful and really improved my confidence.

I’ve also had dermal fillers, which were built up over a long period of time to improve the volume of my upper lip. Beforehand my lips were non-existent so I never bothered with lipsticks, but now they’re my favourite things to shop for (along with handbags)! I’ve also had a little Botox for a permanent line in-between my eyebrows, which has now gone. At the moment I’m having the Clear + Brilliant® laser skin treatment because it gives me a lovely glow to my skin.

Even if I had an unlimited budget, I’d be happy to just keep doing what I’m doing, but it would be nice to have the treatments on a more regular basis. Oh, and to always use Swisscode products, which are my favourite.

Best beauty tip?

Always keep your skin hydrated and use a sun protection.


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