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One for the boys – Men’s Grooming:

It’s official – men are taking more care of their appearance than ever before. It’s been estimated that men will spend a massive $21 billion worldwide on men’s grooming products and services in 2016. More men than ever before – not just metrosexual hipsters! – are seeing the advantages of getting beauty treatments such as anti-ageing therapies, skin treatments, hair removal, massages and facials.

At The Skin to Love Clinic, we regularly treat men, and have seen a surge in popularity for some of our services:

Laser hair removal

The most popular treatment men ask for is laser hair removal, most commonly on the chest and back, but also from those suffering from in-growing hairs in their beard. Laser hair removal is one of the most effective and sought after methods of removing excess hair. We use the Soprano ICE technology which is safer, significantly less painful than other treatments, as well as being highly effective.


Thermage treatments are popular with men because it’s a one-off treatment which lasts a long time. It smooths, tightens and contours the skin because it regenerates old and stimulates new collagen to make skin feel smoother, thicker and therefore younger. The changes are gradual, but will be fully visible around six months after treatment.


There has been a sharp rise in the numbers of men getting wrinkle relaxing injections, a procedure which has become known as brotox.
Non-invasive fat removal – this is particularly popular with men who work out because they don’t have to take time out from their routine. Even the most dedicated exerciser can get a stubborn little pouch around their lower abdomen which no amount of exercise can shift. Our non-surgical fat removal treatments succeed where even the gym can’t.


Although rosacea is more common in women aged 40-60, it can be a particularly severe problem for men. Our consultant dermatologist can advise, administer treatments and, if necessary, prescribe the best medicines to help.

Please contact us if you would like more information about our men’s grooming treatments or make an appointment for a consultation with our dermatologist.

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