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Non-surgical beauty treatments

A recent article in The Guardian on the rise in popularity of non-surgical beauty treatments expressed concern about the number of young people who are opting for treatments. Some as young as 18 are asking for treatments so they can mimic their favourite reality stars who favour a “heavily injected”, overdone look. The article expressed concern that in an industry which is still unregulated, many of them are going to unqualified, untrained therapists in order to get cheap treatments.
Our principles
The majority of our patients want a natural look and we often build them up so there’s not such a drastic change immediately which can make them feel self-conscious; patients are very concerned about ‘work’ being obvious and people noticing. The general consensus is patients want others to think they look good, but they can’t put their finger on exactly what the difference is.
We do of course get the odd patient asking for the overdone look or wanting lips like various celebrities; therefore, a frank consultation is important. Your face needs balance, which is why we always walk patients through what works for their face and why. There’s no point in hoping you’ll end up with the same lips as Angelina Jolie if your lips don’t have the same structure to begin with.
Filler is all about making the best of what you have, not replicating someone else’s features; you’ll be disappointed if you think that this can be done.


All our treatments are carried out by trained and qualified medical staff
It’s also important to research where you have your procedures done. As the article says, wrinkle relaxing injections, also known as Botox, is a prescription drug and should never be administered by a non-medical practitioner.
I think the key thing is – and I always tell patients this regardless of what treatments they’re interested in – if the worst-case scenario were to happen and you got an unwanted side effect, would the establishment or person who treated you have the resources, qualifications and experience to help you?
It’s easy to get carried away with treatments which give you a buzz; if you look good, you feel good. It’s often up to your practitioner to say: “Stop, you’re not ready to have this done yet” rather than take your money and treat you.

All the non-surgical beauty treatments and skincare offered by The Skin to Love Clinic are carried out by qualified medical staff. In fact, our reputation is based on giving only the most appropriate advice and treatment to patients. Contact us to find out more or make an appointment, or pop into our central St Albans Clinic for a chat.

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