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We’re so excited (and we just can’t hide it!)

To coincide with our five-year anniversary this week we have launched a revolutionary anti-ageing, skin-health treatment here at St. Albans, and we …

Byonik treatment

It’s our 5th Birthday! Let’s Celebrate!

We’re all set to celebrate our fifth birthday this month and we have lots to be cheerful about.

We thought we would share …

We’re finalists in the Best Business Women Awards and the Aesthetics Awards 2018

We’ve done it again! This month we are very pleased to announce that we are finalists in the Best Business Women Awards …

radio verulam

The Skin to Love Clinic on Radio Verulam 92.6FM

If Kerri Lewis’s Business Women of the Year at the SME Hertfordshire Business Awards 2018  wasn’t enough to keep the Clinic buzzing …

summer skin treatments

Treatments for skin in summer

It’s that time of year again – summer is upon us and top tips for becoming beach body ready abound. Eyebrow tidy, …

Award wins and putting up shelves – all in a day’s work!

We love awards and we have won a few! The excitement of finding out that you’ve been shortlisted never goes away so …

seasonal skin care treatments

How do sudden changes in weather affect your skin?

Finally, we’re experiencing some summer heat! Whilst this is great for BBQs, walks in the park, and the odd G&T in the …

skincare for bridesmaids

Skincare for bridesmaids

When it comes to weddings, the attention is obviously going to be on the stars of the show, i.e. the happy couple. …

facial veins

How to reduce facial red veins

Facial red veins are blood vessels close to the epidermis that have broken and become dilated, making them noticeable. They’re also called …


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