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What would we do for the Royal Bride & Groom?

On Saturday 19 May, the UK will be watching Harry and Meghan’s wedding at Windsor Castle. It’s likely that the majority of the nation will be glued to their TVs that day and we can guarantee that, in-between our appointments, we’ll be checking their progress online.

With the world’s attention focused on their every move, they’ll obviously want their skin to look flawless. We thought it would be fun to imagine what pre-wedding treatments we’d recommend if the royal couple came to us to get themselves wedding-ready. (Seriously, Harry and Meghan, if you’re reading this, call us on 01727 837429 to book an appointment!)


Wow, Meghan has lovely skin and doesn’t really need our help! We often see brides who don’t have any serious skin concerns, but who are in search of the ‘glow’. Glycolic peels are popular to refresh the skin and remove dead skin cells which make the skin look dull. We also do Clear + Brilliant laser treatments on many brides which are ideal if they need help with open pores – the treatment smooths the texture, stimulates collagen, refines pores, and improves the first signs of ageing as well as helping to produce that all-important ‘glow’.

Obviously, if Meghan did have any specific concerns, we would be very happy for her to come to the Clinic for a consultation, after which we would draw up a treatment plan for her.


Harry could have the same treatment to refresh his skin. However, we’ve sometimes seen him looking quite pink and flushed, which could be for a variety of reasons. If it were investigated and found to be a skin condition such as Rosacea, there are treatments he could have to help improve the general redness and flushing, such as the Pulse Dye Lasers (we use the Regenlite brand). Depending on the severity of the background redness he may need a course of treatment. We would also ask him to keep a diary to see if we could identify some of his ‘triggers’ which cause the flushing so that he could avoid them in the lead up to the Big Day; these triggers vary but are commonly stress, sun exposure, red wine and spicy foods.

Mother of the bride

61-year-old Dora Ragland is Meghan’s unconventional mother and it sounds like she could bring a breath of fresh air to the proceedings. We’d love it if she took advantage of April’s Mother of the Bride Thermage & Regenlite Skin Tightening special offer. These treatments help soften lines, redefine jawlines and sagging jowls in order to give a ‘rested, just had a break’ look. The results look natural and will last for a long time, even improving in the first few months post-treatment. If you’re thinking about this treatment, make sure you have it around three months in advance for optimum results to be seen on the wedding day. NB These treatments also work for the father of the bride!

At The Skin To Love Clinic, we treat everyone like royalty. If you’re planning your own wedding, you’ll want your own skin to be looking at its very best, so why not contact us or pop into our Chequer Street Clinic for advice.

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