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Profhilo Case Study

Profhilo; A revolution

Profhilo is a totally new category of anti-ageing injectable treatment and it’s taking the cosmetic industry by storm. One Skin to Love patient walks us through her experience.

Having a new cosmetic or aesthetic treatment can be daunting; will the treatment hurt? How will I look afterwards? The unknown can often be the worst part of any cosmetic procedure; this is exactly why one of our wonderful patients, ‘M’, a lady in her late sixties has written down her experience of the revolutionary Profhilo treatment at Skin to Love.

Coming to us with concerns of ageing on her neck (a super common area of concern), M had a consultation with her practitioner at the Clinic and, after some discussion, it was decided that she would try the Profhilo treatment to try to smooth and firm her neck. A full Profhilo treatment consists of two quick treatment sessions taken approximately 30 days apart. In some cases, usually where the signs of ageing are particularly advanced, your practitioner may recommend three sessions rather than the usual two. As M mentions, she was so impressed with her results after the recommended three sessions she opted for a fourth session, just to see if she could achieve any further results. Below she walks us through her treatment, so you know just what to expect:

“This treatment worked for me!

A cautious optimist by nature, I began the staged procedure not expecting to see a huge improvement. 60 years of too much sun, not enough sunscreen and a general lack of attention to my throat had taken its toll: the skin was loose and wrinkled, the skin tone generally poor. Would Profhilo be the answer?

I’d read about the science behind the procedure and had a great deal of confidence in the Skin to Love team. True to form, the detailed explanation about what would happen and the recovery time was exactly right. The injections were painless (I had no need for the stress balls) and on each occasion the insect bite-like marks that they left had disappeared within 24 hours. I had one small bruise after my second session which took a couple of days to fade but otherwise there were no signs of any interventions two days after each treatment. I had four sessions. The fourth was an optional top-up to smooth out some remaining creases – not strictly necessary, but to my eye it did make a difference.

The impact was rapid, visible and successive. Each treatment resulted in improvements which thus far have been sustained. The results have exceeded my expectations. Better still, even my husband has noticed.”


Profhilo Treatment

Profhilo Treatment

Ms ‘after’ photos were taken after the recommended the three sessions recommended for her.

So how does the Profhilo treatment work?

Not to be mistaken for a dermal filler, skin booster or mesotherapy, the Profhilo injectable treatment introduces slow-release hyaluronic acid (HA) to lax, crepey skin to trigger a cellular response, often referred to as switching your skin’s ‘lights on’; Profhilo awakens and stimulates your regeneration process whilst deeply hydrating your skin and implementing a ‘scaffolding’ effect within your ageing tissue.

The effects of Profhilo on your skin:

  • Has a tightening and smoothing effect.
  • Restores volume and plumpness.
  • Stimulates elastin production and 4 different types of collagen in your skin.
  • ‘Switches on’ your skin; triggers the bio-remodelling of your tissue.
  • Improves the quality of your skin.
  • Intensely hydrates your tissue.
  • Suitable for your face, neck, décolletage, arms and hands.

Ideal if:

  • You have skin that is lacking in elasticity.
  • Your skin is thin and lacks volume and plumpness.
  • You have skin crepiness.
  • You are noticing lines and wrinkles.
  • You have dehydrated sun-damaged skin.
  • You would like to prevent the early signs of skin ageing.

If you would like to discuss Profhilo or your concerns about skin ageing, contact the helpful Skin to Love team on 01727837429 today who will happily arrange your consultation with one of our knowledgeable medical practitioners.

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