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How do sudden changes in weather affect your skin?

Finally, we’re experiencing some summer heat! Whilst this is great for BBQs, walks in the park, and the odd G&T in the pub garden, you need to remember that your skin might not be as overjoyed as you are at the sudden change in the weather.

Too dry

If you already have a skin condition, it’s likely to be exacerbated by any change in temperature, whether it’s high summer or the depths of winter. In fact, very low temperatures can cause any exposed skin to become very dry which can then become cracked and begin to peel. Dramatic drops in winter temperatures are usually accompanied with the central heating being turned up which is also a major contributor to dry skin.

Whether it’s hot or cold, if you have dry skin – and especially if you have eczema – avoid hot baths and showers and apply moisturiser at least once daily. We’d recommend Hydratime as helps to reduce transepidermal water loss as it contains lipids and ceramides which are beneficial to a healthy, hydrated skin.

Dehydration is also a concern in hot weather, not just in terms of keeping you alive, but also keeping your skin hydrated. If you aren’t well hydrated, your skin will be more prone to itchiness and to being sunburned. Your lips are also more likely to become chapped, so if they are, reach for a glass of water as well as your chapstick!

Too wet

As is so often with the British climate, with increased temperatures come increased humidity. You may begin to sweat more and this could leave you more prone to breakouts. If this is the case, we’d recommend using Hydra 8 B5, a hyaluronic acid which helps calm the skin.

Too dangerous

One of the most important beauty treatments to remember when the summer temperature soars is the protection of a high SPF sun cream – 30 SPF or greater. We probably don’t need to keep reminding you of the dangers of spending time in the sunshine with unprotected skin – even in the British winter the from the sun can have ageing effects on your skin, so just imagine how much damage the summer sun could do.

If you are worried about preventing skin damage or would like to book a skin care treatment to help dry skin conditions, fine lines or wrinkles caused by extreme weather, contact our Skin Clinic in St Albans to make an appointment to see one of our specialists.

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