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Sesderma, your best option to repair sun damaged skin

Every time our skin is exposed to the sun, we damage it. And repeated exposure causes premature ageing and wrinkles, sunspots, stains (melanocytes), and scaly, warty growths (actinic keratoses), as well as skin cancer.

According to a recent survey carried out by the British Skin Foundation, 85% of us admit to getting sunburnt, even though we are all aware of the dangers of sunbathing, but the lure of a tan still keeps us flocking to the beaches and tanning salons. The British Skin Foundation’s survey found that seven in ten people have either a visible skin condition – including stains and spots caused by the sun – or scars, and 72% of those said the condition affects their confidence.

Dealing with melanocytes

Staff at The Skin to Love Clinic have just received training and are now certified practitioners for Sesderma photorepairing medical peels, and we are now delighted to offer it as a new treatment. The peels help improve the appearance of the melanocyte stains caused by skin damage and should also improve the smoothness of the skin and give it a more even tone. Photorepairing peel will also help to prevent the appearance of new sun damage and its active ingredients could also help regenerate cells and diminish wrinkles.

What does the treatment involve?

Sesderma peels are fast, safe and painless and the treatment will last only around 10-20 minutes. Immediately afterwards, your skin will feel tingly, but that will subside within minutes.

In the week following the the peel, your skin may peel slightly as new cells are stimulated and the dead cells peel off. The new skin will already be smoother, softer and have a more even tone, and stain colours will begin fading.

To keep your skin moisturised and help the repair process, you will need to use the post-treatment kit products and a high factor suncream (SPF 50+). To be most effective in reducing melanocytes and sunspots, further peeling treatments are recommended every 20 or 30 days.

If you think you have sun damaged skin and are interested in photorepairing peels and would like to discuss the treatment further, or book an appointment, please contact us and talk to one of our qualified members of staff.

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