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A Skin Care Clinic Outside of London - The Skin To Love Clinic

A Skin Care Clinic Outside of London

Many people who are researching treatments at a skin care clinic will automatically look at Harley Street in London, largely because of its reputation for excellence in skin care treatments. What they may be ignoring is the fact that there are many equally good clinics outside central London which have the benefits of being more convenient to visit, and will have cost saving implications.

A Skin Care Clinic Which is Better Value for Money

The main advantage of a skin care clinic outside central London is that they are not charged such high business rates and are therefore able to charge patients less for treatment because their overheads are a lot lower.

For instance, Veinwave therapy for broken veins on the face and legs at our clinic in St Albans currently costs from £250 a treatment. Three years ago, a journalist wrote an article about getting exactly the same treatment at a Harley Street clinic, and was charged £200 for the initial consultation with each treatment costing £395.

A Skin Care Clinic Easier to Reach

All roads and rail links lead to London which, by the same token, means that they also lead out of London just as easily. And when you’re travelling outside central London, you have the additional advantage of avoiding the horrendous traffic problems associated with it.

As St Albans is in southern Hertfordshire, it is close to some the M25 and the M1, and is easy to get to from across the county via the A414.

When you get to St Albans, you’ll not only find it a lot easier to park, but considerably cheaper too. The nearest car park to the Clinic is the one on London Road, which charges £5.30 for 6 hours. Parking in Harley Street currently costs £34.50 for 5 hours, but you’ve also got to factor in the £8 a day congestion charge.

A Skin Care Day Out in St Albans !

Even with treatments such as Cristal™, Liposonix® or Fraxel® laser technology, you don’t have to take any recovery time or break from your usual activities so, as you’re in St Albans anyway, you might as well make a day of it! And all the places you’ll want to visit are in easy walking distance of each other.

St Albans is a great for shopping – the historic city centre is a lovely backdrop for the wide range of shops, ranging from the independent, to mid-range and designer stores. The way it differs from London is in size – to access a similar range of shops in the capital, you’d have to be prepared to either walk a very long way or take public transport; whereas in St Albans, it’s all there. And if you’re there on a Wednesday or Saturday, you can enjoy the street market which runs the whole length of St Peter’s Street.

And if you fancy doing a bit of sightseeing, it’s all there too. The city’s Roman history can be seen at Verulamium Museum, as well as in the ruins in Verulamium Park, and the magnificent medieval Cathedral is only about five minutes’ walk from our Clinic.

We’re also well served with cafés, bars and restaurants, so whatever you fancy for lunch, you’ll find it.

Some of our patients travel from London and all over the country for regular treatments at The Skin to Love Clinic in St Albans. We also have patients coming from Europe and the Middle East!

Click here to find out more about the conditions we regularly treat… then treat yourself to a ‘skincare day out’ in St Albans!

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