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New year, new you! Our new year resolutions…

As we approach the first day of January 2019, we are all keen to sweep away the bad habits of the previous year starting afresh and taking the time to really look after ourselves.  New Year’s resolutions are easy to make, but, harder to keep particularly if you don’t share your plans with anyone else. The team here at the Skin to Love Clinic in St Albans had a chat about making and breaking resolutions back in early December and decided to commit them to paper and then share them! That way we thought we would have to keep them. So, here we go…

Kerri Lewis, clinic manager: This year I’m going to make sure I take time out to read so I’m planning on reading a new book each month to allow myself some quiet time away from a screen. I’m also going to make sure I schedule in advance my favourite treatment. Every 3 to 4 months I have muscle relaxing injections in my jaw because I grind my teeth at night. As a result of this, the muscles in my jaw become very tight, bulky and painful. This treatment relaxes those muscles and has stopped the pain and tension I used to experience. It’s been somewhat of a game changer for me. I’ve also found that continued treatment has de-bulked and slimmed my jawline.

Morag McDonald, front of house: I try to go to a Pilates class on a Friday, so I am committed to keeping that up in 2019; it’s nice to feel like I’m taking care of myself, and not just looking after my two sons, even if it is only for an hour! As I only joined to team in September, I feel like I have a world of treatments at my finger-tips! I’ve tried the Byonik treatment which has greatly improved the inflammation and redness in my skin due to my Rosacea. Byonik has also given my skin some of its bounce back and softened my lines and wrinkles so, I would love to book out a bit of ‘me time’ during 2019 and have a few more treatment sessions.  I also want to step up my daily skin care regime; I’m hoping to add a few new additions in over the months including some products from the Revision, Skin to Love and Swisscode ranges.

Emma Foster, aesthetic practitioner: I feel it’s really important to look after yourself. I try daily to make sure that I use good skincare, but I enjoy extra things; having my nails done, saving up to treat myself to something I want – this usually involves a trip to Bicester Village to buy a new handbag and letting myself have a slice of cake! It’s so important to let yourself feel good and not feel guilty about it. This year I’m going to schedule in Soprano Ice laser hair treatments on my legs so that when it comes to my summer holiday I can leave the razor behind.

Dr Sharon Crichlow, consultant dermatologist: In 2019 I plan to snack less and do more cardiovascular exercise to get to my desired weight. Regarding my skin, I will consider having regular Byonik laser treatments to rejuvenate my skin and improve its hydration, tone and texture.

Jane Lewis, managing director: I plan to make more time for myself each week so that I can switch off and unwind. I’m starting this year as I mean to go on, with a two-week cruise with my husband around Mexico and the Caribbean! Of course, not all my ‘me time’ will be as extravagant as this but I think it’s well deserved as we’ve not had a holiday in five years! I may come back from holiday looking like a new woman but if that fails, I plan to have the Thread Lift treatment on my jawline to help it look a little sharper and to lift my ‘jowl’ area; I’ll be on the countdown to my 60th birthday which I plan to look fabulous for!

Laura Kingham, aesthetic practitioner: I volunteer once a week helping to walk a little dog called Farley whose owner isn’t as able as I am to go out walking long distances. I love this time on my own as it allows me to gather my thoughts. Last year I was on a prescription drug to improve my acne; it did an amazing job in clearing my skin however I had to wait six months after the course before I could have any laser treatment. Now I’ve gone past that six months wait I’m going to have a course of Clear + Brilliant treatments, which I am so excited about. The reason I want to have this treatment is to improve the imperfections my acne left behind; there are small marks and scars where the spots were and the texture is a little uneven. Bring on 2019!

Natalia Ostrowska, independent nurse prescriber: I love to travel! I try to go away for long weekends to different places with my husband and our friends. I really find that this helps us to reconnect and it’s lovely to have that shared experience. I already have a few trips planned for 2019; my husband and I both see this as self-care. When it comes to my skin, I’m considering starting the Obagi treatment as I have Melasma; it doesn’t bother me a huge amount at the moment as I can cover it with make-up, but I would like to prevent it from getting worse.

So, there you have it. We’ve shared our New Year resolutions on how we intend to take better care of ourselves. We’ll let you all know how we get on.  And if you’d like to share your self-care aims for 2019 just pop them down in the comment box below, we’d love to hear from you.

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