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We had a fun few days recently when we channelled our inner Paltrows and brought a film crew into the Clinic. We wanted to do this so we can show you what our treatments involve, as well as introduce you to a few friendly faces.

Although we offer non-surgical treatments, some of them are still very new and require specialist equipment, which means we’re often asked what they entail. And that’s why we’ve set up The Skin To Love Youtube Channel, to give us a chance to showcase our work and tell you a bit more about the treatments, enabling you to make an informed choice before making an appointment.

Through these videos, you’ll not only be able to see what happens and explain a bit more about how the devices work, but also get to know our medical staff and aestheticians who’ll be giving you the treatments. We think it’s as important to show you who we are and how friendly we are as it is to show you what we do because it helps build up trust. We understand these treatments can be very personal and want to reassure you that you’re in good hands.

The first video is our showreel which is a general introduction to us and the work of the Clinic. In it, we talk about being award-winning… but since then, we’ve received another award for our collection – The Phorest Salon Software Client Experience Award! In fact, we all enjoyed doing the filming so much that we may have to use this as an excuse to get our film crew back sooner rather than later…

So without further ado, here’s our introduction to The Skin To Love Clinic, the treatments we offer and our experienced staff.


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