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skincare for bridesmaids

Skincare for bridesmaids

When it comes to weddings, the attention is obviously going to be on the stars of the show, i.e. the happy couple. However, it’s also going to be a big day for the bridesmaids, and whilst they know they’re going to be the supporting actors, they’ll want to look great too.

Unsurprisingly, we get many happy couples coming to us for aesthetic treatments in order to make their skin glow and look their best for their big day. But bridesmaids also want to look good, especially if they have problem skin. So why not book the whole bridal party in for treatments at the same time and make it into a sociable occasion?

Visia analysis

The first thing we suggest is to book yourselves in for a consultation with a Visia analysis. This involves having images taken of your face which records and measure the condition of your skin, revealing where the problem areas are, as well as any issues which you can’t yet see.

We can then use the analysis to suggest the best products or treatments to help everyone’s skin look its best on the big day itself.

Treatments available

We treat a wide range of conditions, such as unwanted hair, scarring, loose skin, wrinkles, dull skin, and even unwanted pockets of fat.

Start in plenty of time

Don’t expect our treatments to be a quick fix – the majority of them take a while until you see the best results, so make sure you and your bridesmaid’s book in nice and early. If they want to have aesthetic treatments, it’s best to start, on average, around 12 weeks before the wedding, longer if you can; we want you to fully enjoy in the lead up to your big day, including your beautiful, glowing skin and some treatments may have a small amount of downtime, for example, you may experience light flaking after a glycolic peel and some treatments may take a number of weeks to see the full results, such as the Cristal ‘fat freezing’ treatment. As with most things wedding-related, planning is key!

Don’t leave out the Best Man

Around a third of our customers are men, so if the Best Man has areas of concern about his skin, bring him along too! Our most popular male treatments include laser hair removal, wrinkle relaxants and scar reduction.

If you want your entire bridal party to glow at your wedding, pop into our St Albans Clinic on Chequer Street, or contact us to find out more and book an appointment.

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