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Skincare for Men: Beauty Regime and Treatments

The skincare for men industry is worth millions of pounds worldwide and growing. In 2015, menswear retailer Mrporter.com, saw a phenomenal 300% growth in the sales of men’s grooming products in 2015. And this month, London men were even treated to their own Gentleman’s Grooming Show, which showcased shaving and skincare products and gave advice about looking good.

We see quite a few men at The Skin to Love Clinic, and although they want to make the most of their looks, the majority want their skincare regime to be as hassle-free as possible.


For the most fuss-free but effective regime, we always recommend an all-in-one product. After a skin analysis, we will advise you about finding the right product that deals with any specific skincare problems you want to work on, such as ageing or pigmentation. If this is the case, we’d recommend a moisturiser with SPF such as Teoxane’s Advanced Perfecting Shield or SkinCeuticals Brightening UV Defense cream – both products treat the skin at the same time as protecting it from the anti-ageing effects of the sun.


We also recommend that, every few months, men should treat themselves to an exfoliating treatment which will brighten the skin and improve its health. Exfoliation gets rid of the old, dead skin cells which, when they sit on top of the skin will make it look dull and even emphasise fine lines and wrinkles. We’d recommend a glycolic peel because there is no down time and it only takes a maximum of half an hour from start to finish. The majority of men who regularly book exfoliation treatments with us have them every 2-3 months. Cost: £60.


Botox isn’t just for women – it has also become a very popular treatment for men. It’s extremely effective, there is no downtime and it can be very subtle – most patients want to retain the natural look and ask us to make sure there is still a small amount of movement in the area being treated so it doesn’t look ‘frozen’.

Your first ‘Brotox’ treatment will last around three months, but the more treatments you have, the longer they’ll last – patients who have regular treatments end up needing only one or two treatments a year. Costs depend on the number of areas being treated, but begin at £200.

If you would like advice about the best men’s skincare products and treatments, visit us in our Clinic in the centre of St Albans, or book an appointment.

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