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Top 3 Skincare FAQs

At The Skin to Love Clinic we get asked a lot of questions about all sorts of issues relating to beauty and skincare. But we’ve noticed that three of these frequently asked questions (FAQs) were recurring more than others, so we decided to answer our top 3 Skincare FAQs in a blog.

1: I’m starting to notice signs of ageing, is there anything that can be done without being obvious?

Absolutely! Maintaining a natural look is what we strive for at The Skin to Love Clinic. As we specialise in non-surgical treatments, our patients are looking for a natural, more subtle result. They don’t want, or often even need, the same results as those you’d get from surgical options such as a face lift or tummy tuck.

We always start the patient journey with a consultation in order to assess any concerns and make a treatment plan  to help patients achieve their individual aesthetic goals.

2: Can you treat white hairs with laser hair removal?

Unfortunately not because the pigment in the hair is what the lasers target. The way we often explain this to patients is to imagine the pigment in the hair as a ‘lightning rod’ for the laser energy to travel down in order to reach the hair bulge and/or dermal papilla, which is where the laser retards the hair growth function. If there’s no pigment, the energy has nothing to be absorbed by and therefore will not work.

However, this doesn’t mean that white hairs aren’t treatable – they are. Electrolysis is effective in treating hair that has no pigment: an ultra-fine needle is placed into each hair follicle to administer energy directly to cut off the blood supply to the hair.

For patients who have ‘salt and pepper’ coloured hair, we usually recommend treating the area with laser hair removal first as you can treat more than one individual hair at a time. Any stray white hairs can then be treated with electrolysis.     

3: What fillers do you use?

At The Skin to Love Clinic we use all of the major brands of dermal fillers. These includes: Radiesse, Juvéderm, Belotero and Teosyal.

Today’s fillers are hyaluronic acid-based; this is a synthetic substance which mimics fluids naturally found within the skin, and is even used during eye surgery.

Most filler brands have various ranges for different functions, making some more suitable for treating certain areas than others. So our medical practitioners always begin with a consultation to assess which product is best for the patient’s needs.    
If you’ve got any questions about any aspect of skincare and beauty, please feel free to contact us or pop into the Clinic for advice.

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