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Skin Treatments for Valentine's Day | The Skin To Love Clinic

Want to look your best for Valentine’s Day?

Ah, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and if you’re looking for love, you’ll obviously want to look your very best. You’ll choose a special outfit that not only looks great on the hanger, but will flatter your body as well. And you’ll probably book a hair appointment on the day (crossing your fingers that it’s not windy or raining when you leave the hairdresser!). But what about the rest of your body and your skin?

When it comes to Cupid, forget arrows – having a healthy glow about you is one of love’s most effective weapons. Like it or not, we’re hardwired to be attracted to mates who are fit, healthy and young-looking, so it makes perfect sense to also work on doing just that, looking fit, healthy and as young as possible!

Whilst many of our skincare products and non-invasive cosmetic treatments take a while to take effect, there’s still time to start the process of making the most of your looks so you look your best for your date. Here are some of our treatments that will give you that extra something for Valentine’s:

Sun damage

As we age, our skin is affected by the effects of the sun, mostly in terms of fine lines and age spots. We have a number of non-invasive treatments that will help reverse the effects of sun damage, including Clear + Brilliant, a laser technology that will help with early stages of pigmentation and sun damage, giving brighter skin with a more uniform look.

Excess hair removal

If you have an area of excess hair that isn’t where you want it, you’re bound to feel self-conscious about it on a date (especially if the date goes really well!). Laser hair removal is one of our most popular treatments for both men and women. We use Soprano ICE which is pain-free, very effective, and can even be used on tanned skins, which other technologies can’t.


Acne isn’t just a teenage problem – there are many adults who suffer from it too, and it can really knock your confidence and self-esteem. If you have mild acne or a temporary outbreak, make an appointment for a Visia skin analysis that will enable us to do a detailed analysis of your skin and make recommendations about the best products, skincare regime or treatment. If you have severe acne or long-term acne, book an appointment with our Consultant Dermatologist who will be able to prescribe the most appropriate pharmaceutical treatments.


Loss of facial volume can be a problem as we age. By using fillers, heavy lines and areas of depression can be plumped up to give your features better definition and recreate a more youthful look.

If you would like to look your best for Valentine’s Day, contact us to book a consultation for a Visia skin analysis or any treatments. Alternatively, pop into the Clinic on Chequer Street for advice.

Oh, and good luck with your date! We hope it’s a success!


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