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Dr Sharon Crichlow

Welcome back Sharon!

We’re really happy that our Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Sharon Crichlow MBBS, FRCP, CCT Dermatology, has returned from leave. She provides an invaluable service for cosmetic dermatological conditions which aren’t treated on the NHS.

The route to becoming a Consultant Dermatologist is a long one, taking an average of around 15 years! This includes undergraduate medical training, internship (or Foundation Training as it is now called), core Medical Training and lastly Specialist Dermatology training. Successful completion leads to a place on the GMC’s Specialist Register. Sharon also works part-time as a Consultant Dermatologist for the NHS, combining it with her private work at The Skin To Love Clinic.

Sharon’s interest in cosmetic dermatology initially arose out of her experience both of her own acne and that of her patients. Although there are very good treatments now for active acne, patients are often left with severe scarring leading to frustration. Due to cost constraints, acne scarring and other conditions deemed to be cosmetic eg melasma are not given a high priority on the NHS and Sharon longed to be able to provide all options- both medical and cosmetic- to her patients. In addition to treating recognised skin diseases Dr Crichlow is able also to advise on general skin care and maintenance of healthy skin.

When expertise counts

Combining her NHS work with her clinic at Skin To Love, Sharon is able to utilise her skills and expertise for the benefit of our clients. “I can use my experience to assess someone’s condition and make a decision on whether a condition is safe to treat cosmetically or may in fact need medical treatment or diagnostic tests to rule out skin malignancy or other skin disease’. And if a patient has a condition which overlaps both the medical and aesthetic fields eg rosacea, she can provide a complete treatment for them.

The Skin To Love Clinic offers a wide range of treatments which can help a range of conditions. Sharon’s favourites are the dermapen, Fraxel laser and blemish reducing creams and peels as the latter have helped her so much. In particular, for someone who has always had ‘problem’ skin herself, learning how to use products and procedures to make it the best it can be has been a revelation that she wishes to share with everyone.

The best beauty tip

We put this question to Sharon- ‘If you could only recommend one beauty tip, what would it be?’. The answer is not one but two: “Protect your skin by using a sunblock during the day (to prevent both skin cancer and premature ageing) and a retinoid cream at night (not for women who are pregnant or breast feeding). This doesn’t have to be an expensive option but it is something everyone can do and it will make a big difference.”

If you have a dermatological condition that would benefit from cosmetic treatment with Sharon, contact us to make an appointment.


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