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Winter sports skincare

The Winter Olympics and Paralympics will take place in early 2018, and big sporting events like these always inspire people to take up sports they’ve been watching. So if you’re contemplating a trip to the ski slopes, fancy leaping onto a bobsleigh or hitting the ice rink, think about an appropriate winter sports skincare routine.   


Your face is going to take the brunt of the cold winds outside, but remember that if it’s a sunny day, you’ll also be exposed to harmful UV rays. Just because it’s cold and the days are short, it doesn’t mean you can stop worrying about the sun. That’s why you should always use a moisturiser with SPF or use a separate sunscreen, even in the bleak midwinter. In fact, the snow reflects the UV rays so you’re far more likely to get sun damage or burnt than you may expect.

Our patients love Heliocare 360 gel SPF50; it protects against the complete spectrum of daily environmental challenges, i.e. UVB, UVA, Infrared­A and visible light. We suggest putting your SPF on after the rest of your skincare, but before your make-up.

We also recommend Swisscode Pure Vitamin F Forte that gives instant relief to dry and damaged skin, nurturing, softening and protecting it.   

Sensitive skin

Environmental factors such as climate can affect sensitive skin quite quickly, so if your skin is prone to dryness, tightness, stinging and redness, it’s vital to plan ahead before you hit the slopes. We’d recommend Sensicure; its ingredients rapidly reduce irritation such as itching or stinging, as well as improving and maintaining the protective functions of the skin which, in turn, increases its tolerance to irritating factors. It also binds water, improving that tight feeling that dehydrated skin is prone to. It can be seen as a non-medical alternative to hydrocortisone; a Sensicure study shows it’s comparable to 0.5% hydrocortisone in calming erythema. However, as Sensicure contains no steroids it can be used long-term without damage. Use it like a moisturiser and leave to absorb before applying SPF.


Exposing your lips to such cold conditions will result in chapping, so make sure you have lip salve on you at all times, preferably a salve with SPF.


You may be wearing gloves outside, but your hands will need extra care thanks to the cold outside and the drying effects of central heating. Lumiquin® by Revision skincare is a night-time formula for the hands that is packed with powerful anti-ageing ingredients and antioxidants. Applying it at night allows you hours of moisturising without washing it off, giving it more time to repair the day’s damage. Not only does it moisturise, it actually helps to brightens the skin, reduce the appearance of imperfections and improves signs of ageing!

If you’re planning to take part in winter sports, travel to South Korea to watch the Olympics or Paralympics, or just spend as much time as possible outside in the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside, remember your winter sports skincare. If you would like advice about the best products for your skin, contact us to make an appointment for a Visia skin analysis and a consultation with one of our skincare specialists.


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