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Pigmentation is a common condition which has two main forms; hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. In a hyperpigmented skin, patches of the skin become darker than the surrounding skin; this can show itself in the form of sun damage, sun spots, freckles and Melasma, also known as ‘the mask of pregnancy’.

Hypopigmentation is the opposite to hyperpigmentation, areas of the skin become lighter in colour than usual; this can sometimes be a result of sun damage or the skin disease, Vitiligo.

At The Skin To Love Clinic we have several ways to help give your skin a uniformed tone. During your consultation with one of our skin care experts we will discuss your goals with you and suggest a personal plan to help you achieve them. You can feel confident that with our knowledge and experience, teamed with our clinically proven treatments and sought after products we will help your skin will look and feel the best that it can.

​Skin Analysis

Age or Sun spots

Age spots are a type of pigmentation which will often appear on the areas of the body which are most often exposed to the sun and are more commonly found on lighter skin types. These spots are brown or brown-grey in colour, flat and vary in size. They can get larger with age and increase in number.

Age spots are harmless and can be treated; if you are concerned that an area on your skin looks to be more sinister than an age spot, it is important that you make an appointment with a doctor.

We also suggest that you to help protect yourself from developing or worsening age spots wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Following an in-depth consultation at The Skin To Love Clinic we select the right treatments and products for you to help you reach your goals and to get your skin looking and feeling healthy.

Sun Damage

  • Clear + Brilliant™

    Clear + Brilliant is a clinically proven and unique skincare treatment that uses safe, fractional laser technology to help prevent and address early signs of ageing skin and pigmentation. The Clear + Brilliant laser creates millions of microscopic treatment zones in your skin, replacing damaged skin with healthy, younger-looking tissue. Your skin is refreshed from the inside out.

    Sun damage, environmental conditions and lifestyle can contribute to lacklustre skin. Doctors in the US use Clear + Brilliant as the ‘gold standard’ treatment for pore refining, a common problem for those whose skin is starting to age and those with oily-prone skin. Whether you want to protect and extend the younger look of your skin or reverse the early signs of ageing, Clear + Brilliant can help.

    Results from Clear + Brilliant treatments are progressive. A few days following your treatment, your skin will start to look brighter, feel softer and show a more even tone. After each consecutive treatment, your results will become more significant and noticeable. Clear + Brilliant will reveal skin that has a more uniformed tone, a renewed, ultra-soft, smoother texture, minimized pore appearance and a natural radiance.

    This treatment can be easily incorporated into your current routine, with little to no down time afterwards. Not only can Clear + Brilliant fit into your usual skincare routine, but actually enhance it by significantly increasing your skin’s permeability, intensifying the benefits of your topical skin care products. We may use a combination of these treatments depending on your individual needs.*

    *Disclaimer: Results from Clear + Brilliant™ may vary from person to person, because each individual responds differently to treatments.


    • Before Clear + Brilliant

    • 1 Month Post 6 Treatments

    As you can see this patient has had a significant improvement in the uniformity of her skin after six treatments. Her skin looks brighter and refreshed. She would benefit from further Clear + Brilliant treatments to continue improving the uniformity of her skin tone.

[Clear + Brilliant treatments] erase pigmentation problems and fine lines.

Life & Style Weekly magazine

You’ll see a more even skin tone over six sessions, [with Clear + Brilliant] she says, “but just with one session your skin will glow.”

Dr. Anne Chapas, Elle Magazine

I got three treatments with Fraxel’s Clear + Brilliant laser. It’s the gentlest Fraxel treatment…no downtime at all. It lightened some discolouration that I had on my cheeks.

O, The Oprah Magazine

Clear + Brilliant is a new fractional laser that restores luminosity and uniformity to dull and uneven skin.

Voice magazine, France

Clear + Brilliant (Fraxel's gentler cousin, which shrinks pore size and brightens skin), use light energy that travels underneath to prod skin into creating new youthful cells. 'Combining Clear + Brilliant with a topical antioxidant is like 1 + 1 = 4'.

Marie Claire magazine

Testers have raved about the results, reporting glowing skin and no need to wear make-up.

Sunday Times Style, UK

  • Fraxel 1927®

    A safe, non-invasive laser skin treatment that can give you a smoother, less blemished and a more youthful complexion. The Fraxel 1927 effectively targets sun spots, age spots, uneven pigmentation, ageing skin and other more superficial signs of ageing that is often caused or exasperated by sun exposure and the natural ageing process; it is even FDA approved to treat precancerous skin cells, ‘Actinic Keratoses’, commonly present in sun-damaged skin. You can have this treatment anywhere on the body, with the most common areas being the hands, face, neck and décolleté, due to the frequency of sun exposure to these areas.

    Fraxel uses patented fractional technology to target ageing and sun damaged skin. The laser treats only a fraction of the tissue at a time, leaving the tissue around it untouched, which promotes rapid healing. This stimulation of your body’s own natural healing process allows the body to replace the old and damaged cells with healthy ones; creating fresh and radiant skin. The Fraxel technology is used by top Dermatologists as it allows the skin to be treated at many different levels. This means that the problem areas can be directly targeted, offering the very best outcome for you, the patient.

    Fraxel treatment gives fast results. Your skin will feel softer and smoother, look brighter and show a more even tone soon after the treatment. Following your course of two to three treatments your skin will have the ‘wow’ factor, with many patients feeling as though they can wear less or no makeup at all, often provoking compliments from friends and family. This non-invasive treatment has minimal recovery time and gives you results that you simply can’t get from creams and lotions. We may use a combination of these treatments depending on your individual needs.*

    *Disclaimer: Results from Fraxel 1927® may vary from person to person, because each individual responds differently to treatments.


    • Before Fraxel 1927

    • 6 Months Post 4 Treatments

    The patient in this photo is a skin type III to IV and has had four Fraxel treatments. You can see the significant improvement in the brown blemishes on the side of her face. You will also notice that the quality of the skin has improved and overall the skin looks brighter. Additional treatments will improve the skin and lighten the brown blemishes further.

    • Before Fraxel 1927

    • 1 Month Post 1 Treatment

A series of Fraxel laser treatments may also help fade the [upper lip skin] discolouration.

O, The Oprah Magazine

As for my chest, after about ten days of the requisite scaly, pixelated skin, the damage flaked off to reveal a smoother, brighter surface.

Maura Egan, Vogue

I’m like, 'girls, you should go get a Fraxel laser on your face.' I’m really open about telling all my friends and my sisters what the best treatments are.

Kim Kardashian on Oprah’s Next Chapter

When it comes to the clearance of light-induced damage, the Fraxel laser is my number one. More than any other methods it can recover the skin health with sensational aesthetic results.

Dr. Thomas Proebstle, Madame magazine, Germany

This non-ablative fractional laser improves skin tone and may reduce precancerous cells.

Allure magazine

Fraxel: Want to speed up collagen production, tighten neck wattles, blast away discolouration, and improve texture? Opt for this heavy-duty laser.


Dermatologists use laser treatments like Fraxel to zap away sun-related hyperpigmentation.

Better Home and Gardens

There is an improvement to my patients’ appearance after one session.

Robert Anolik, MD. Elle magazine

Reduce pigment cells and even out skin tone with a beam of light energy.

Real Simple magazine

Brighten, tighten, and tackle discolouration.


The Fraxel Dual laser firms the skin by tightening pores and reducing fine lines, replenishes the dermis with new collagen, and improves overall tone.

Robert Anolik , MD. Elle magazine

*Disclaimer: Testimonials are a precise account of clients’ experience and magazines quotes, however results may vary from person to person.


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