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Ideal for those who want to restore the naturally youthful look of your skin and improve signs of ageing, SuneKos is an injectable treatment that’s entirely different to filler treatments; this treatment uses a patented formula which combines amino acids (the essential building blocks of elastin and collagen) with hyaluronic acid. SuneKos regenerates the Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM) of your skin and deeply hydrates and plumps the treated tissue. This leads to ‘dermal biogenesis’. The result? A reduction in the severity of your wrinkles, hydration to both the superficial and deep layers of your skin, a desirable volumising effect and a dramatic boost to your elastin and collagen.

This treatment is ideal if you have loose, crepey, thin skin and/or a loss of volume around your eyes. It is also suited to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, crepiness, volume loss and facial volume loss. SuneKos can significantly regenerate dull skin and restore a natural-looking, youthful appearance.

At The Skin, to Love Clinic the SuneKos procedure is performed only by medical practitioners.


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Sunekos Under Eye Treatment

Winner of the Safety in Beauty Innovation and Pioneering award 2019, SuneKos is a non-surgical treatment comprising of a unique combination of hyaluronic acid and amino acids which triggers a skin regeneration process called dermal biogenesis. 

Whilst deeply hydrating and plumping the skin, clinical trials have shown that the Hyaluronic Acid (HA) can activate bio-revitalisation from within your skin which results in plumper, smoother, firmer, more youthful-looking skin. SuneKos combines this HA with a special combination of amino acids which directly stimulates the Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM) fibroblasts which in turn rebuilds the living layer of your skin, called the dermis.

There are two types of SuneKos; SuneKos 200 and SuneKos 1200. SuneKos 200 is used to treat around the eyes, face, neck, chest and hands and is perfect for earlier signs of ageing. SuneKos 1200 is used in conjunction with SuneKos 200 if your skin needs extra structural support to improve sagging skin or if you have deeper, more advanced wrinkles. Your specific requirements will be assessed and discussed with you prior to the treatment. 

This is a four-part treatment; each session is had 7 to 10 days apart. Each of the four sessions is an important part of the treatment process and your entire treatment will not be complete until the session is completed.

Indications that this treatment may be right for you:

  • You are noticing lines and wrinkles.
  • You have skin crepiness.
  • You have skin that is lacking in elasticity.
  • Your skin is thin and lacks volume and plumpness.
  • You have dehydrated, sun damaged skin.
  • You would like to prevent early signs of skin ageing.

I have lost some volume in my face but don’t want to look like I’ve had work done. Is this possible to achieve with Sunekos?

It is possible to achieve subtle volume replacement in treated areas; however, results depend on where you have lost volume and to what degree. SuneKos is effective on areas of lost volume, such as the tear trough, however, it will not give you the volume replacement needed for concerns such as a cheek augmentation; you would achieve this with dermal fillers, for example.

A consultation is a vital part of your treatment process so that you can have your concerns assessed and matched with the most appropriate treatment(s) for you to consider.

I’m thinking of having surgical treatment for my ageing skin, should I have SuneKos instead?

Any non-surgical treatment is not a replacement for a surgical alternative. That is not to say that you won’t benefit from the treatment, but you will not get the same results as you would with surgery. You may like to consider non-invasive aesthetic treatments following your surgical procedure to improve your skin further and help to maintain your results.

Non-surgical treatments can be great alternatives for invasive surgical procedures, particularly if you do not require dramatic intervention or if you do not or cannot have surgical treatment. However, it is very important to remember that a non-surgical treatment will produce different, often more subtle, results than cosmetic surgery.

What is SuneKos?

SuneKos is an injectable treatment that uses a patented formula, combining amino acids with hyaluronic acid. SuneKos regenerates the Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM) of your skin and deeply hydrates and plumps the treated tissue.

This leads to a reduction in the severity of your wrinkles, hydration to both the superficial and deep layers of your skin, a desirable volumising effect and a dramatic boost to your elastin and collagen.

Is SuneKos safe?

Yes, SuneKos has a good safety profile. It is very rare to get serious complications. At The Skin to Love Clinic you will only ever be treated by a medical professional with extensive experience and the skills to handle possible complications.

Are there side effects to SuneKos?

Mild swelling and bruising are the most common potential side effects immediately following treatment. At The Skin to Love Clinic you will only ever be treated by a medical professional with extensive experience and the skills to handle any possible side effects or complications.

Consultations are an important part of the treatment process in allowing you to understand the treatment and to establish if the benefits of the treatment are outweighed by any possible side effects. During a consultation, your characteristics, such as your area of concern and your medical status, will be assessed. Your medical practitioner will be able to discuss whether this treatment is appropriate for you, as well as any suitable alternative treatments.

Your practitioner will discuss any possible side effects, questions you may have and any aftercare you should adhere to prior to you having treatment.

If I don’t have SuneKos again, will I look worse than I did before?

No. The product will gradually wear off and your natural ageing process will continue. This treatment does not stop that natural ageing process.

How long does SuneKos last?

As with most treatments, this can vary depending on where you have treated, your lifestyle and your metabolic rate; these factors usually influence the longevity of your results. For example, in our experience, those who smoke or frequently do cardio work-outs can break-down hyaluronic acid faster than those who do not.

The guidelines are to have maintenance treatments four to seven months after your full treatment.

Does the SuneKos treatment hurt?

The level of discomfort is usually found to be mild and tolerable by patients. The most common feedback we receive is that the skin feels warm immediately following the injections. We understand that that each person’s tolerance to pain is different however and are happy to offer our patients additional local anaesthetic cream prior to the procedure should this be a concern of yours.

What’s the difference between Profhilo and Sunekos?

There are many similarities between Profhilo and Sunekos but, in our experience, Sunekos is generally better suited for skin with more advanced signs of ageing.

Both treatments are a new type of injectable treatment completely different from skin boosters, mesotherapy and dermal fillers; they trigger a process in the skin called bio-remodelling.
The Profhilo product contains high concentrations of hyaluronic acid (HA) which deeply hydrates the treated tissue to help with signs of skin ageing and sagging skin as it stimulates your natural collagen and elastin production. The Clinics’ practitioners use Profhilo to refresh the skin, firm and smooth skin and give skin its’ ‘glow’ back.

Profhilo is used to treat the neck or mid to lower face only; the Profhilo protocol that’s followed enables the treatment to be best effective and is only used to treat those specific areas.
Usually, a single Profhilo treatment is made up of two separate sessions spaced approximately thirty days apart. Some people require a third session if their signs of ageing a more developed; this would be discussed upon assessment. Profhilo treatment is generally repeated after 6 months to maintain the results if desired.

The SuneKos product contains HA as well as powerful amino acids. Amino acids are proteins which help to firm and strengthen the skin whilst the HA deeply hydrates the treated tissue. SuneKos stimulates fibroblast activity in the Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM) which results in new collagen and elastin being produced.

The Clinics’ practitioner’s preference is to use Sunekos to refresh, firm and smooth the skin and give skin its’ ‘glow’ back in those who have more advanced signs of skin ageing.
SuneKos is able to treat signs of ageing on the forehead and around the eyes as well as the centre and peripherals of the face. SuneKos is able to treat concerns around the mouth, for example, lines above the top lip as well be used to volumise the tissue. SuneKos has 2 strengths of the product; SuneKos ‘200’ has a low molecular weight which can be used around the eyes and forehead and SuneKos ‘1200’ which has a medium molecular weight and is used in the centre of the face and peripherals of the face.

A treatment of SuneKos is usually made up of four sessions which are spaced seven to ten days apart. The SuneKos treatment can be repeated after approximately eight to nine months to maintain the results if desired.

In our experience, whilst anyone can have both Profhilo or SuneKos it is our opinion that generally speaking Profhilo is well suited for those whose signs of skin ageing are that of a forty-year-old or less. Sunekos is usually better suited for slightly more challenging, sun damage, crepy skin.

Both Profhilo and SuneKos have an excellent profile and we’ve seen very pleasing results from both products at The Skin to Love Clinic. Your practitioner will discuss with you which treatment they feel your skin is best suited for you upon assessment.

Great customer care and fantastic results.Renata

I’ve been with the clinic for 7 years since leaving a high profile Harley Street clinic. I find the innovation and constantly strive to introduce the best new ways to make your skin look great incredible. Every procedure is done with such care and genuine drive to do the best for you. I cannot recommend Jane and her team more highly.Annie

I visited the Skin to Love Clinic today for my fourth and final treatment of Sunekos today. The results have exceeded my expectations. My skin is plumper and lines are definitely diminished. I look younger, healthier and I’m definitely happier. As always the experience was second to none from the moment you walk through the front door,  from the receptionist to all the clinicians, who make you feel welcome and comfortable with their warmth and friendliness whilst still maintaining their professionalism, instilling the confidence needed when embarking on cosmetic treatments. Thank you to all the team! I can’t recommend this clinic enough. – Rita

Excellent service and professional relatable opinion!Philippa

This treatment is just the best. Very quick results and improved quality of skin week on week. Love it!Cheryl

Great customer care and fantastic results.Rena

I’ve been with the clinic for 7 years since leaving a high profile Harley Street clinic. I find the innovation and constant strive to introduce the best new ways to make your skin look great incredible. Every procedure is done with such care and genuine drive to do the best for you. I cannot recommend Jane and her team more highly.Anne

I’ve been with the clinic for 6 years. I recently had a procedure to help with shadows under my eyes nothing has ever worked but Jane is so innovative and is always abreast of any new product or techniques that come up. As a result, my shadows have gone and my face looks much much better I really recommend Byonik, Sunekos and Profilo I can’t tell you how grateful I am to Jane and her team. She knows me and my skin and face inside out and always knows how to achieve what you want” – Annie

Highly recommend this fantastic clinic. The staff are so lovely and welcoming. I had my 3rd Sunekos treatment today and am already so impressed with the results. I’m a wuss with pain as Jane well knows so she takes extra measures to make it comfortable and pain-free. We have a good chat throughout the treatment and I look forward to going ..5 stars from me.” – Hayley

“I went to The Skin to Love Clinic for a consultation a week ago with Jane, who was incredibly knowledgeable and took time to talk to me about my skin and the ageing process. I had loss weight and my wrinkles had appeared under my cheekbones causing lack of elasticity. Jane recommended a couple of treatments and I returned today to see Natalia for treatment No 1 who was very through, explaining every step of the way and made me feel very much at ease. Looking forward to returning next week. I highly recommend a visit to the clinic.” – Melanie

Friendly, professional care and excellent treatment. Sunekos is a brilliant treatment that is virtually painless but gives immediate results. My skin is much stronger and robust within days and wrinkles are improved almost immediately and continue to improve for weeks. Add in the reasonable cost for the treatment and lovely HA glow and you get a great package — what’s not to love?Cheryl

Below is an example of a patient who had hollowing under her eyes. This is before and after her 1st treatment out of 3.

From £550.

We offer a bespoke approach to treatment, tailored entirely to your needs and desires, therefore the cost of your individual treatment will be confirmed during your consultation following a thorough assessment.

Treatment Summary

No. of treatments
Usually a 4-part treatment process with 7 to 10 days between sessions.

Procedure time
Usually 30 minutes.

Discomfort level
Very mild.

Recovery time
Very little evidence that procedure has taken place, skin is usually recovered within a few hours. As with all injectable treatment there is a risk of mild swelling and bruising at the site of injection.

Final results
Some changes can be noticed after the first treatment however, best results will be seen after your fourth treatment. Maintenance can be approximately every 6 months.

Duration of results
Approximately 6 months depending on the level of correction needed and patient lifestyle. Maintenance treatment is suggested at 4 to 7 months intervals post treatment.

Resume usual activities
Immediately for most activities. Avoid swimming for 48 hours and extreme temperatures for 7 days. Avoid massaging the area treated for 24 hours. Full aftercare will be provided prior to treatment.

Consultation needed prior

Disclaimer*: We are all individuals, therefore, results from treatments may vary from person to person, because each person responds differently. Results will last a different amount of time from person to person depending on variables such as the individual’s metabolism, lifestyle and area of treatment; this may even vary between treatments for an individual. Results, downtime and recovery following treatment will vary from patient to patient. The information we provide is based on the extensive experience we have gained from treating a wide variety of patients of different ages, genders and is based on an average patient experience.

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1st Consultation - Very relaxed, friendly and informative.
Diane Court
Diane Court
Fabulous place. From the moment you step through the door you are warmly welcomed. Natalia is very knowledgable and friendly. She really listened to my concerns sensitively and gave me all the options available without pushing me to make a decision. I was given all the time I needed to make my choice and when I went back for my treatment it was such a relaxing experience. I went away knowing exactly what I needed to do as after care and I highly recommend Skin to Love
Jane was so lovely today. Really made me feel comfortable and reassured. She was very kind and answered all my questions; I’m really happy with how my appointment went. Thank you!
Leah Meek
Leah Meek
Had my first session of Sculptlift, with Jane. I had so many questions and Jane explained in simple terms enabling me to understand what to expect. The procedure was painless and Jane talked me through every step. I was left without bruising which was suprising as I usually bruise quite badly. I am looking forward to seeing the final results.
sam B
sam B
I cannot recommend this establishment enough. The receptionist was lovely and greeted me with a bright smile. Emma was friendly, kind and put me right at ease. After seeing how much my issue bothered me, she offered me an appointment the same day during her break to sort out my problem. I’m so happy and relieved that my issue is 95% sorted. Thank you so much Skin to Love! You’ve certainly got a customer for life now! I’ll be telling all my friends about this little gem.
Gabbs Stevens
Gabbs Stevens
Superb treatment
B white
B white
Stuart listened to what I wanted, but also engaged and informed me of alternative options for future consideration.A winning combination I’d say!
Tracey P
Tracey P
I have seen Jane a few times for my skin tag removal and it’s been an absolute amazing service!! She’s been super calming and helped me every step and if I had any tension it was gone in a minute or so, she get rid of all the issues super quick and pain free and has been super helpful with the healing process afterwards too. This clinic is quite far from me but I am willing to travel for such a good service. Would recommend to everyone you’ll be really happy
Katia Cykunova
Katia Cykunova
Felt really comfortable with Emma, she kept me informed every step and I would highly recommend her.All the staff is so lovely and chatty and the clinic is beautiful
Mackenzie Rigby
Mackenzie Rigby
Fantastic service and great care from Emma. Very lovely and approachable, made me feel at ease.Thank you
Adel Rozsa
Adel Rozsa
Extremely pleased with results and impeccable service in beautiful surroundings .Thank you .
Lee Moran
Lee Moran
Knowledgeable, friendly, helpful staff who counsel the right non intrusive option to suit your body shape and need. Results are seen within weeks too. Thank you Jane and team! Best decision I have ever made.
As soon as you walk in you feel well taken care of and put at ease.Personable, knowledgeable and professional.Thank you
Avril Larner
Avril Larner
My hydro facial with Nicki was amazing. So relaxing and my skin looked hydrated and glowing after. A number of people commented. I will definitely be back.
Emma Woodman
Emma Woodman
They know what they're doing, everything is professionally efficient and carried out with the utmost care. You know you're in good hands!
Louise Wynne
Louise Wynne
Nikki was amazing - highly recommend!
Joseph Curran
Joseph Curran
Every single time I come here, i am treated like a VIP and given excellent treatment and advice. Exceeds expectations.
Very pleased with the results. Natalia did an excellent job.
Christine Calow
Christine Calow
Excellent treatments and highly professional staff!
Maria Ufland
Maria Ufland
Very efficient and thoroughly recommend Jane Lewis and her team thank you very much for a speedy hassle free experience
Nikki was superb, explained the process at each stage, answered any questions and made the whole experience a delight.
Sunny Grewal
Sunny Grewal
I’ve had the HydraFacia treatment with anti-aging booster recently and I couldn't be more pleased with the results! My skin feels incredibly clean, hydrated, and has a radiant glow. Nikki was fantastic—she meticulously explained each step of the treatment, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The thoughtful touch of a follow-up call post-treatment added a personalised touch that I truly appreciated. Thank you, and I'm definitely looking forward to more sessions!
Thank you Emma. You made me feel comfortable and calmed my nerves. The procedure was smooth and quick and Emma kept me distracted the whole time. Would definitely recommend.
Hannah King
Hannah King
Friendly and very professional. Every treatment I’ve had has been excellent. I highly recommend Skin to Love clinic.
Fiona Mitchell
Fiona Mitchell
Really happy with my service. Nikki explained the procedure clearly, involved me in decision making & im happy with the outcome. Thank you!!
Abbie Sullivan
Abbie Sullivan
A friendly, warm and informative reception met me when I arrived.Emma was excellent and explained exactly what she was going to do.Emma talked through the forms and I felt confident with her knowledge and ability to treat me in a clean and hygienic medical room.I can highly recommend Emma and the Skin to live clinic in St Albans.
Jane Sandhu
Jane Sandhu
I met Emma who did my treatment. She provided great customer service in explaining the process which has gone so well. All staff are warm and welcoming, making me feel comfortable throughout the process. I highly recommend anyone. Thank you Emma
Samuel Sekyere
Samuel Sekyere
I am a repeat customer and wouldn’t go anywhere else. The clinic is supportive, calming and highly professional. Staff are amazing, especially Natalia. Highly recommended. Thank you STLC.
Carly Sharp
Carly Sharp
This was my first Hydrafacial and it was great!! The process was really interesting, lots of different steps and my skin is now glowing! I will definitely be back for another soon. Thank you so much for everything!
Molly Colgate
Molly Colgate
I've always been made to feel very welcome when visiting the Skin to Love Clinic. The follow-up sessions are a great opportunity to monitor progress and chat about any changes. Jane is very thorough and knowledgeable and her skin product recommendations have worked a treat. All the staff are really really lovely, I cannot fault a thing. Thank you!❤️
Anna Robinson
Anna Robinson
I had 3 moles removed (one on my face, and two on my body) by Emma. She did a wonderful job and they are healing up beautifully. She is clearly incredibly knowledgeable and I was well informed about the process. Not only that but she put my mind at ease fantastically as I was feeling quite nervous. We were able to laugh and chat throughout the appointment and I actually left in a better mood than when I went in! That is definitely Kudos to Emma (and the lovely staff at the front desk who always made me feel so welcome). Thank you so much.
Olivia Riddle
Olivia Riddle
Very welcoming, friendly and professional. Nikki is excellent at her job. I would highly recommend. JJ
Great team, professional, lovely to work with and experts in their field.
Nina Maru
Nina Maru
I was a bit anxious about my skin condition at first however , it was by far the best experience I’ve had in a clinic so far. I was reassured and made feel comfortable. The expertise of Jane is outstanding, she went above and beyond and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for professionalism, warmth and effective treatment. Thank you!
Couldn't have been easier, very quick and efficient procedure with full aftercare instructions, thank you Emma for all your additional advice, you were brilliant. I'm healing well!!!
Kate Armitage
Kate Armitage
I've been visiting the Skin To Love Clinic for around 6 years and cannot fault the staff and the service. I am made to feel special at every appointment and over the years Jane has offered me fantastic advice about my skin and general wellbeing. Jane has a wealth of experience and I wouldn't trust my face to anyone else! The result is always fresh and natural looking and I always leave the clinic with renewed confidence. Thank you!
Tracie Phillips
Tracie Phillips
Lovely Clinic, very welcoming. Emma is very professional and welcoming.I highly recommend the Skin To Love Clinic. The Reception Staff are very thoughtful towards customers.
I saw Emma, she was very professional and knowledgeable. I had complete faith in her advice. I would highly recommend and she is such a lovely person!!
Kevin McCartney
Kevin McCartney
Highly recommend Natalia. She listened to my concerns and gave detailed advice on options. Very clear and practical. I wish I had visited sooner!
Hannah Gout
Hannah Gout
I just want to send a little note about the brilliant skin to love clinic in St Albans. I would definitely recommend it to anyone seeking the many many treatments they do for face and whole body.I am very lucky to have the fantastic Nikki as my therapist who is so many things to many to mention and a brilliant superb therapist. She is so good at her job and devoted to her work procedures and patients and very very patient and empathetic and understanding and helpful as I am going through greiving of losing my der mum.a few months ago.I absolutely lovgo8ng to the clinic for my reagents. They are the best. And would definitely recommend to anyone considering any treatments.Thank youKay Harrison
Kay Harrison
Kay Harrison