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Thread lift

Thread Lift

Tighten, rejuvenate and smooth your skin with this sought-after treatment. The Thread Lift treatment addresses a variety of concerns that are typical in ageing skin including lifting loose, sagging skin, smoothing lines, wrinkles and plumping areas which have lost youthful volume. At The Skin to Love Clinic this treatment is always performed by a medical practitioner.

During treatment, multiple threads are placed into the skin to lift, regenerate and re-vitalise the treatment area, improving skin’s elasticity and brightness. Several types of threads are available to target your specific concerns, for example, some threads have a volumising effect and some have a direct lifting effect to improve sagging skin; you may have a combination of thread types should you wish to address more than one concern. The type(s) of threads that would be most beneficial for you will be discussed fully during a consultation.

All of the polydioxanone (PDO) threads used in the thread lifts treatment are made of complex carbohydrates, routinely used in cardiac surgery, which are reabsorbed from five to 12 months following the treatment, depending on your metabolism and area of treatment.

This treatment is recommended for those who wish to rejuvenate and/or lift the tissue on the face, neck or body. Indications that this treatment may be right for you if:

  • You wish to tighten and redefine your jawline
  • You wish to lift and firm your neck and chin
  • You wish to lift and redefine your cheeks
  • You wish to soften nose-to-mouth lines
  • You wish to soften marionette (mouth to chin) lines
  • You wish to rejuvenate your mid-face area
  • You wish to elevate your eyebrows
  • You wish to improve signs of ageing around your mouth
  • You wish to soften crows-feet and other lines around your eyes
  • You wish to generally improve the elasticity and brightness of your skin
  • You wish to rejuvenate and tighten your abdomen, buttocks, thighs and/or inner arms
  • You wish to lift and firm your face and neck

If I don’t have a thread lift again, will I look worse than I did before?

No, the treads will very gradually and safely be broken down by your body so there will not be a dramatic difference or drop from one day to the next. The threads will leave behind a legacy of naturally stimulated collagen and hyaluronic acid which your skin will continue benefiting from.

Is the thread lift treatment the ‘non-surgical face lift treatment’?

The Thread Lift is sometimes referred to as the non-surgical face lift, however it must be noted that patients should not expect to achieve the same results with this treatment as they would with a surgical procedure.

Do thread lifts hurt?

At The Skin to Love Clinic we use local anaesthetic during your treatment to greatly improve your comfort, therefore the level of discomfort is usually minimal if any.

I’m looking for dramatic correction for my signs of ageing, is a thread lift right for me?

We will be able to give you specific advice during your consultation, however, this treatment can help if you have loose skin and/or have other advanced signs of ageing such as wrinkles. It is not a substitute for surgical treatments.

The Thread Lift can be used in combination with other treatments such as Thermage CPT, Wrinkle Relaxing Injections and Dermal Fillers. You and your practitioner will create a treatment plan which may include using this treatment alongside other treatments.

My skin isn’t in great condition, will I be ok to have thread lifts?

It is important to ensure that your skin is in a good enough condition to take the lifting threads therefore before having treatment, very occasionally, treatment to improve the skin quality is recommended first with the Thread Lift treatment scheduled at a later date; depending on the condition of your skin prior to treatment, home-use products with key ingredients in them or in-clinic treatment such as laser or radiofrequency may be recommended prior to the thread treatment to ensure that your skin is able to well receive the threads. This would be discussed with you fully during a consultation.

Very experienced staff who take the time to put you at ease.Trisha

Thank you once again, Jane. Had another great experience and another great improvement. My neck looks amazing.Jo

Really great skin clinic. Would highly recommendNathan

Can’t praise the team at The Skin to Love Clinic enough as excellent results from mini threads and fillers. The personal aftercare puts to rest any anxieties about procedures. Highly recommended.” – Jane

It’s always a pleasure visiting The Skin to Love Clinic as everyone always so very nice! The beauty of the clinic, especially Jane, is they have a genuine desire to help me look my best without trying to oversell or overdo treatments.  (I know this because before Skin to Love opened I used to visit another local clinic who always made me think they were all about turnover!) Jane always listens, discusses and helps me make the right choices with all my treatments. I am over the moon with the thread treatments and the difference they are making. I have never ever been disappointed and will be a client for the rest of my life!!!” – Karen

“Thank you for taking the time and trouble to answer all my questions! I feel in such safe hands and am really looking forward to seeing the end results.”Rose

“Can’t recommend this clinic enough. The team make you feel very comfortable and confident. I had the PDO threads and am absolutely over the moon with the results. My husband was very impressed. It is so lovely to attend a clinic where you are made to feel so comfortable by all the staff and have consultations that enable you to convey your requirements and gain an understanding to achieve the best results. Forget the face lift! PDO honey thread lift gives amazing results. I am absolutely thrilled with my new neck and jawline!!” – Rita

Just got home and my partner said my skin looked fresher but couldn’t work out why. Result!” – Celine

Review with Jane today which was thorough and everything explained very clearly. Current images taken to compare with those pre-treatments and the results spoke for themselves! Thank You!” – Rose

As always my appointment with Jane was professional and exactly what I wanted. Skin to love takes into account your style of life and will advise and schedule treatments to fit around you. They follow up all treatments with a phone call or text to check for any concerns. I have been a customer for 3 years and have never had an issue and have no hesitation in recommending them as nice caring people and for providing only top quality service and products.Jean

From 500.

We offer a bespoke approach to treatment, tailored entirely to your needs and desires, therefore the cost of your individual treatment will be confirmed during your consultation following a thorough assessment.

Thread liftThread lift

Thread liftThread lift

Treatment Summary

No. of treatments
Designed to be a single session, however further threads can be placed at any time should you wish

Procedure time
Dependent on the size of the area treated and the number of threads. This will be discussed during your consultation

Final results
Dependent on your concerns and threads used. Lifting effect often can be seen immediately

Recovery time
Patients may experience mild swelling and tenderness in the treated area, this usually starts to settle within a few days and, if necessary, is managed well will over-the-counter pain relief

Resume usual activities
Most patients find that they can continue many of their usual activities immediately. There are some considerations post treatment whilst your threads are settling, which will discussed with you during your consultation; for example, avoiding dental work for approximately a month post treatment due stretching movements that may be needed

Discomfort level
Usually none to mild as local anaesthetic is used during the treatment

Duration of results
Months to years dependent on concern and area treated and type of threads used

Consultation needed prior

*Disclaimer: We are all individuals therefore results from treatments may vary from person to person, because each person responds differently. Results will last a different amount of time from person to person depending on variables such as the individual’s metabolism, lifestyle and area of treatment; this may even vary between treatments for an individual. Number and type of threads used, results, down time and recovery following treatment will vary from patient to patient. The information we provide is based on the extensive experience we have gained from treating a wide variety of patients of different ages, genders and is based on an average patient experience


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I consent to The Skin to Love Clinic contacting me by email or phone in order to process my enquiry. The Skin to Love Clinic will not pass your details onto other companies or third parties.

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