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Irritated by body fat that just won’t shift? Liposonix® may just be the answer!

How do you lose fat from your thighs? What about your love handles? And dare we say it unwanted tummy fat? These are all questions that we are asked on an almost daily basis at our St Albans based The Skin to Love Clinic. Let’s be honest most people have specific areas of their body from which they would like to shift the fat. Sadly, dieting doesn’t target precise areas, and although exercise will help you tone and slim down, much like dieting, it can be difficult to precisely target where you burn fat. So, here’s the conundrum you’re close to your ideal weight, you follow a healthy diet and you are a conscientious exerciser but still you’re finding stubborn pockets of fat that just refuse to budge. Let us introduce you to Liposonix®.

Liposonix® could be perfect if you want to keen to permanently reduce and sculpt unwanted fat on your abdomen, love handles or thighs. Sounds too good to be true, but it does work trust us, this clever, non-invasive treatment uses a high-intensity and focused ultrasound technology and really does get rid of targeted fat effectively and safely. Safety is key to every procedure we undertake at the Clinic and with this particular treatment, we’re proud to say that Jane Lewis, our MD trains other medical practitioners across the UK and Europe, so, we have a huge wealth of expertise and experience at hand.

How does Liposonix® work?

As we mentioned, Liposonix® uses a high-intensity and focused ultrasound technology (HIFU), this allows us to really hone in on the area that is causing concern. The ultrasound energy targets subcutaneous fat and destroys it, permanently removing it from the body, without affecting or harming the surrounding tissues or skin.

How long does a treatment take? What will it feel like and is it painful?

A treatment of Liposonix® can take from 20 minutes plus, it really depends on the size of the area that is being treated. During the procedure, patients may experience tingling or scratching and may also feel cool or warm sensations. Afterwards, there may be some temporary pinkness, slight swelling and bruising of the treated area all of which will subside after a few days, even hours after the procedure. As for pain, we all have different thresholds – the procedure can cause mild to moderate discomfort, and we always recommend that our patients wear loose comfortable clothing after their session.

How quickly will I see the benefits?

Results can be seen as early as 4 weeks and up to twelve weeks after the initial procedure. Liposonix® is the perfect one-off treatment but, it can be done again if you want to further enhance the results.

So, if you want to rid yourself of unwanted fat then Liposonix® might be right for you. But remember this is not a weight loss solution, you must be at a healthy weight with a desire to ‘fine-tune’ or sculpt areas of stubborn pockets of fat. As with all our treatments consultations are an important part of the process. It allows us to understand your concerns and give us the opportunity to explain the pros and cons of the procedure and ascertain whether it is the right route for you. Remember this is Do please call the clinic on 01727 837429 and we will arrange a consultation for you.

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