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The pulse dye laser is effective in treating a number of concerns safely; at The Skin to Love Clinic the pulse dye laser we use is called the Regenlite which allows us to treat concerns such as redness and broken veins, signs of ageing, some types of scarring, stretch marks, warts and verrucae.

Regenlite allows us to specifically target your concerns by changing the wavelength of the laser energy to suit your needs. This means that in a certain mode the Regenlite can be used to stimulate your collagen production to help with concerns such as loose skin, wrinkles and some scars. In a different mode the Regelite will target vascular concerns such as warts, verrucae, some scarring, back ground redness, broken veins and blood spots.

Regenlite for acne

Clinically proven to be an effective acne treatment, the Pulse Dye technology that the Regenlite medical laser (sometimes called the N-lite laser) uses was even dubbed “the biggest breakthrough in Acne in the last 30 years*”. In fact, the Lancet published a clinical study showing the 87% of patients achieved a significant improvement in their acne.

Regenlite acne treatments delivers a very specific wavelength which triggers an immune response in your skin to reduce inflammation caused by your acne kills the acne bacteria which is contributing to your acne lesions. The Regenlite laser also stimulates your collagen production, therefore rejuvenating your skin, improving the overall texture and helping to smooth your skin; in fact, the laser treatment was originally used to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles when it was soon discovered that this treatment was improving patients acne breakouts.

The effectiveness of the Regenlite laser treatment has been assessed using ultrasound imaging, bio-chemical analysis, electron microscopy histology and clinical studies, such as those published in the Lancet (Volume 362) which reported that: “Over 92% of patients reviewed after a single treatment had significant improvement. Over 50% of patients had a 50% reduction in lesions after a single treatment”.

The acne related concerns this laser can treat are:

  • Whiteheads
  • Blackheads
  • Pustules
  • Papules
  • Background redness caused by acne
  • Red marks (scars) caused by acne

*Professor Tony Chu

Regenlite for redness and vascular lesions

In order to effectively treat vascular lesions and redness, your practitioner will set the Regenlite laser light to target haemoglobin; the light energy is safely absorbed by the blood and causes the targeted blood vessels you wish to treat to shut down. Some patients may find that they need more than one treatment to achieve the desired results due to the continuous pumping of the circulatory system the treated blood vessels are a part of.

It is worth noting that, as with any light or heat based vascular treatment, blood vessels can refill and become visible again in the future and new vessels still have the ability to become evident; therefore, some patients may need occasional maintenance treatments to keep on top of symptoms.

The vascular lesions and concerns this laser can treat are:

  • Rosacea
  • Poikiloderma of Civatte
  • Port wine stain
  • Cherry angioma
  • Haemangioma
  • Spider angioma
  • Telangiectasia
  • Venous lakes
  • Verruca
  • Warts

The Regenlite treatment is tailored to your needs, taking into account the type of concern or lesion, the size of the treatment area, location of concern and the skin tone being treated.

Regenlite for loose skin, signs of ageing and stretch marks

The Regenlite is a non-ablative laser treatment option, meaning it does not damage the surface of your skin in order to produce results.

This treatment works by ‘tricking’ your body into producing new collagen within your skin tissue. This is a response to a perceived injury mimicked by the laser however, an injury is never actually sustained. Studies have shown a 99.5% increase in the collagen production rate following the first treatment, with results that average a 55% reduction in wrinkle depth.

The concerns this laser can treat are:

  • Loose skin on the face and body
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Crepey skin
  • Stretch marks
  • Some scars

How frequently can I have repeat treatments of Regenlite?

This depends on your concern and personal recovery from your last treatment. We do not re-treat without a minimum ten-day interval between your rejuvenation treatments however treatment can be spaced out much more than this. This will be discussed with you.

I have a vascular concern but I don’t want to be treated in ‘bruising mode’. Am I still able to have the Regenlite treatment?

Yes, vascular concerns can be treated in both ‘non-bruising mode’ and ‘bruising-mode’. In our experience, some types of vascular concerns may respond better to bruising mode than to non-bruising mode. We will further discuss this with you during your consultation.

Are there any side effects to Regenlite?

The Pulsed Dye Laser has a good safety profile, however consultations are an important part of the treatment process in allowing you to understand the treatment and to establish if the benefits of the treatment are outweighed by any possible side effects. During a consultation your concerns will be assessed. Your medical practitioner will be able to discuss whether this treatment is appropriate for you, as well as any suitable alternative treatments.

Your practitioner will discuss any possible side effects, questions you may have and any aftercare you should adhere to prior to you having treatment.

I’m looking for dramatic correction for my signs of ageing, is Regenlite right for me?

We will be able to give you specific advice during your consultation, however our patients do achieve noticeable correction and improvement in their skin with the Regenlite.

Regenlite can be used in combination with other treatments Thermage CPT, Wrinkle Relaxing Injections, Dermal Fillers and the Thread Lift treatment.

Am I too young to have Regenlite?

Easily incorporated into your current skincare regime and lifestyle, patients often use this laser treatment to boost at-home skincare efforts, to maintain their skin and to help prevent signs of ageing.

If your skin doesn’t need much correction, you have or are planning to take the basic steps to keep your skin looking its best, and you like the way your skin looks now, Regenlite can help maintain your skin’s youthful appearance and prevent the early signs of aging.

There is no reason why those in their 30’s shouldn’t consider this treatment as a preventative treatment and to maintain and improve healthy skin.

“I love Regenlite.  It may be difficult to understand what a difference it makes to have a fantastic skin treatment that make me look younger and there is no pain, no downtime.  The fact that I can leave Skin to Love without a blip is so important to me. Although the many treatments I have had with you are all fantastic and I love the result, Regenlite will always be my favourite because I get results and have no downtime–at all. The treatment is the fantastic and now sits firmly next PRP as my favourite. I LOVE this treatment.  Thank you for recommending it.”Cheryl

“After having baby number 3 I was suffering with skin laxity issues in both my abdomen and inner thigh area. I underwent thermage and regenlite to both areas with excellent results. Jane really knows what she’s doing and I couldn’t be happier with the results!!”Sarah

“I had a second regenlite treatment today, very happy”Noreen

“5 stars!”Paula

“Friendly and professional and put me at ease. I am very pleased with the clinic and all the staff are lovely”Catherine

Great service and always amazing results!Simon

Upon assessment. The Regenlite treatment is tailored to the patients’ needs, taking into account the type of concern or lesion, the size of the treatment area, location of concern and the skin tone being treated



Treatment Summary

No. of treatments
Depends on your concern. You can have single sessions, but a course may be beneficial. This will be assessed and discussed with you prior to treatment

Procedure time
Usually a quick treatment depending on the size of your treatment area and type of concern. Generally, treatment time varies between 5 and 25 minutes

Final results
Months to years dependent on concern treated and number of treatment sessions. Some skin concerns may require maintenance treatments and/or combination treatment.

Recovery time
Some patients will look flushed immediately after treatment which usually subsides quickly. If you are having a vascular concern treated and decide to have treatment in ‘bruising mode’ you can expect to have a small bruise in the treatment site which will last as long as a usual bruise would last for you. After acne treatments, it is possible to have a breakout up to a few weeks post treatment; as triggered immune response in your skin is trying to fight the acne bacteria, it can draw out underlying acne blemishes.

Resume usual activities
Most patients find that they can continue their usual activities immediately. Full aftercare will be provided prior to treatment

Discomfort level
Mild. Patients often describe the sensation as being similar to being pinged with a warm elastic band

Duration of results
Months to years dependent on concern treated and number of treatment sessions

Consultation needed prior

*Disclaimer: We are all individuals therefore results from treatments may vary from person to person, because each person responds differently. Results achieved from Regenlite™ treatment will last a different amount of time from person to person, this may even vary between treatments for an individual. Results, down time and recovery following treatment will vary from patient to patient. The information we provide is based on the extensive experience we have gained from treating a wide variety of patients of different ages, genders and is based on an average patient experience


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I consent to The Skin to Love Clinic contacting me by email or phone in order to process my enquiry. The Skin to Love Clinic will not pass your details onto other companies or third parties.

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