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Skin pigmentation is a concern commonly seen at The Skin to Love Clinic which has two main forms; hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. In hyperpigmented skin, patches of your skin become darker than the surrounding skin; this can show itself in the form of sun damage, sun spots, freckles and Melasma, also known as ‘the mask of pregnancy’.

What is hypopigmentation?

Hypopigmentation is the opposite to hyperpigmentation, areas of your skin become lighter in colour than usual; this can sometimes be a result of sun damage or the skin disease, Vitiligo.

Skin of any colour, genetic or racial background can suffer from pigmentation concerns. A common misunderstanding is that the darker the skin colour the less likely it is to suffer from sun damage and pigmentation problems; this is incorrect. All skin types are susceptible to UV damage and therefore pigmentation issues; in fact, the more melanocytes (the cells which give your skin its colour) found within the skin the more likely they are to be stimulated and create an uneven skin tone.

As with all skincare concerns, it’s important to have your skin thoroughly assessed prior to treating any form of pigmentation. Amongst other things, it must be established how deep or superficial the pigmentation is and if the pigmentation is hormonally induced or not as this will indicate how your pigmentation can be treated safely. It is important to note that reducing some pigmentation may not be a quick process and, regardless of the type of pigmentation, using a high factor SPF daily is vital in supporting your results and helping to prevent new pigmentation issues from arising.

The best pigmentation treatments:

At The Skin to Love Clinic we have a number of ways to help the hyperpigmented skin on both the face and body, from laser treatments such as:

If you would like to discuss treatment for your skin pigmentation, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team who will happily arrange a consultation for you.


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“I have had two fraxel laser treatments done and have always found the staff very helpful. I am very happy with my treatment results and have seen 60-70% improvement in my skin tone, texture and colour. I would definitely recommend this treatment for anyone with brown spots due to sun exposure and to improve overall skin appearance.” Nozie

“What a fantastic clinic! The staff are all passionate about skin and are very knowledgeable. The service is 5 star. I was never rushed, was offered more than enough information which was explained clearly so that I understood it and was made to feel like an important client. There are not many clinics that offer the specialist treatments that Skin to Love do. I also decided to try their products and am equally thrilled.” Liz

“The care the team show is exemplary, especially their follow up care to every treatment.” Laurie

“The staff are very friendly and welcoming and the clinic has a lovely relaxing atmosphere about it. I have been receiving Fraxel treatment to remove a dark sun spot on my face and have made several visits to the salon so far. My nurse’s knowledge for various skin conditions and aftercare advice is excellent. I would highly recommend this clinic.” Maureen

“Very comprehensive and good visual feedback using face photo.  Sensible recommendations and advice re possible treatments. “Caryn

“The In-depth and honest knowledge of treatment was excellent.  The whole experience was comfortable, very friendly, extremely efficient and an overall very pleasant experience.” Marjorie

“I am impressed with the professional yet personal approach.  Jane is knowledgeable but still accessible.  She explains what the plan is and why.  She documents and can clearly show the progress being made.  And best of all, her treatment plan is working.  I highly recommend her and The Skin to Love Clinic.” Laura

“I’ve had a consultation this morning and all aspects of my skin condition explained in detail. All my questions answered, so no worries! I have complete confidence to book the treatment recommended.” Sue

“Great consultation as always. Made to feel really welcome, comfortable and that I will get the help I’m looking for.” Selena


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