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Fraxel Laser

Everything you need to know about Fraxel

Fraxel is the original fractional skin-resurfacing treatment so it’s no wonder that many people head to the Clinic specifically asking for this …

Hertfordshire Dermatologist goes to Liverpool!

Last week our Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Sharon Crichlow, was away at the Annual Meeting of the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) on …

What are pores?

What are pores?

If enlarged pores are the bane of your skin care regime then read on!

Pores are tiny holes in the skin and there …

what is milia?

All you need to know about Milia

These are some of the frequent questions about milia we are asked at the Skin to Love Clinic in St Albans, so, …

Laser Hair Removal 101

Laser Hair Removal 101

Laser hair removal is a hot topic of conversation at The Skin to Love Clinic at the moment (something to do with …

Your Skin, Your Mental Wellbeing – Mental Health Awareness Week Focusses on Body Image

When we talk about mental health so often the focus is on the stress we feel in the workplace or in our …

what is profhilo?

What is Profhilo?

It’s not a filler, it’s not Botox.  We reveal all about the entirely new category of injectable treatment taking the …

ABCDE Method For Moles

The ABCDE of checking moles and making it part of your skin care routine

To enlarge the infographic, please click here.

It’s Sun Awareness Week in May, but here at the Skin to Love Clinic we think …

Dermal fillers

What do I need to know about having dermal fillers?

Choosing the correct dermal filler is not as straightforward as, say, choosing a new skin cream. Fillers are injectable products, so you …


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