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The Slimyonik treatment is a premium oxygen-infused body contouring and full-body wellness treatment. Slimyonik offers scientifically supported pressure therapy combined with oxygen-enriched air to activate your lymphatic system, support fat reduction, improve your circulation and immunity, support detoxification, supercharge your metabolism, reduce inflammation throughout your body, improve your skin from the inside out, and enhance your overall health and wellbeing.

If you like the idea of how Slimyonik can benefit your skin, body, and well-being, find out more in the ‘Indications that Slimyonik may be right for you’ tab below.

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The Slimyonik Air Bodystyler treatment provides clinically proven benefits for our skin, body, and wellness including fat reduction, boosting your immunity, reducing inflammation joint pain, relaxation, supporting your gut health, and boosting your energy levels. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Slimyonik, so we’ve broken down all the possible benefits of this therapy below.

Slimyonik may be particularly ideal for:


  • Supports your well-being: this new approach treats your body and skin as a single vessel. If your body is functioning well, you may have an enhanced sense of well-being and your skin reaps the benefits.
  • Longevity: treatment improves your lymphatic health, improves nutrient uptake within your cells, detoxifies, and increases blood flow to vital organs supporting your overall longevity.
  • Reduces systemic inflammation: if left untreated systemic inflammation can affect your skin, cognitive function, your ability to sleep, and contribute to chronic fatigue; depression; anxiety; weight issues; digestive issues; autoimmune diseases and, if inflammation is left untreated, can increase your risk for diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.
  • Sleep improvement: according to Every Mind Matters, longer-term sleep problems can impact our relationships, and social life, leaving us feeling tired all the time, eating more, and unable to do daily tasks.
  • Improved brain function: the oxygen-rich therapy helps mitigate brain fog, headaches, and fatigue.
  • Perimenopause and Menopause support: Slimyonik is an ideal support tool for symptoms in the lead-up to, during, and after menopause by helping your body restore hormonal balance and manage symptoms such as poor sleep and stress levels.
  • Improved immunity: treatment helps to improve the health of your lymphatic health, boosting the functionality of your immune and defence system.
  • Improved supplement uptake: Slimyonik increases nutrient uptake within your cells, therefore nutrients from food and supplements work more efficiently which is great news if you’re investing in regular supplements such as collagen.
  • Quicker removal of fat and other waste products: Slimyonik boosts your metabolic rate.
  • Reduces fatigue: improves the feeling of having a sluggish, tired body.
  • Aids digestive health: targets the digestive system to improve gut health, sluggish digestion, and bloating.
  • Better functioning body: inside-out detoxification which has a positive impact on your organs, including your skin. Aids post-sports recovery helps to eliminate the build-up of lactic acid, aiding fast muscle recovery.
  • Increases vitality and energy levels: the combination of oxygen therapy and improved lymphatic health gives your overall well-being a boost.
  • Supercharges lymphatic health: improves lymph movement for better wellness and body function. Healthy lymph helps to create a healthy body.
  • Supports repair and recovery: ideal after illness.
  • Helps manage stress levels: a relaxing therapy which supports your holistic skin and health journey and can boost your mood, giving a greater sense of well-being.

Silhouette Refinement

  • Reduces fat volume: Slimyonik promotes the mobilisation of stored fat. Please note that this is not a weight loss treatment. Enhances the elimination of fat from your body: scientifically supported, oxygen-rich therapy helps to remove fat from your system.
  • Soften and or prevent cellulite: pressure therapy helps to break down fat deposits and water retention. There is no discomfort with this treatment unlike other options for cellulite, such as endermologie which may be uncomfortable if you’re sensitive.
  • Skin firming effect: treatment increases the flow of blood to the surface of the skin. Slimyonik is particularly helpful alongside skin tightening treatments such as radio frequency.
  • Reduces puffiness and swelling: Slimyonik creates lymph movement which helps swelling and puffiness.
  • Decongested connective tissue: boosting the movement of your lymphatic system helps to detoxify and remove waste products.
  • Supports the elimination of water retention: again, this is thanks to the increased movement in your lymphatic system.
  • Enhance your other treatments: Slimyonik is an ideal add-on to enhance your existing body treatments, boosting the results of Emsculpt Neo, Cristal, fat-dissolving injections, and the National Medical Weight Loss Programme. In fact, there is a specific treatment algorithm designed just for this purpose.


  • Supports gut health: a key factor in skin health. Treatment improves the relationship between the skin-gut-axis; the link between your gut microbiome and healthy skin. Improved gut function lessens the possibility of harmful bacteria and other by-products getting into your system and exacerbating inflammation; not only does this have a negative impact on those of us with inflammatory skin conditions, but inflammation is known to accelerate premature skin ageing.
  • Improves systemic inflammation: inflammation is an unwanted, aggravating component in premature skin ageing and chronic skin concerns such as rosacea and acne.
  • Boost repair mechanisms: the delivery of oxygen helps to initiate the supply of Vaso Endothelial Growth Factors (VEGF’s); essential in the treatment of chronic skin conditions, such as rosacea and acne, because not only do they instigate repair within your skin but also reduce inflammatory processes in the skin too.
  • Improving blood flow and microcirculation: this increases nutrient uptake within your skin cells. This is particularly helpful if you’re taking supplements, such as collagen or those from the Hinnao rage, to deepen the impact on your skin tissues.
  • Enhanced skin health: the additional inhalation of oxygen during the Slimyonik treatment helps to increase cellular respiration, removing the accumulation of unwanted cellular toxins and increasing healthy skin constituents.
  • Improved immune function: Inflammatory skin conditions are known to be exasperated by a poor, overwhelmed immune system. Using the Slimyonik treatment to enhance your immune function can form part of your skin condition management.
  • Reduce the impact of stress on your skin: Slimyonik helps you to manage stress and balance your hormone levels as treatment communicates directly with your parasympathetic nervous system, supporting the endocrine system to manage cortisol which is your stress hormone. Excessive and prolonged stress can suppress our immunity and has a link to skin conditions. It has been proven that reducing inflammation in the body has a direct impact on skin health and inflammatory skin diseases.
  • Boost the results of your other skin treatments: Slimyonik is ideal as an add-on to enhance your skin treatments. It’s perfect to be used alongside all skin treatments, including Byonik, HydraFacial, Thermage, and HIFU.

Scientific research is at the core of the Slimyonik Air Bodystyler. Its pressure therapy is based on the Dr Vodder method and, research has demonstrated, has positive and profound effects on many of your systems, from digestion and gut health to your skin and metabolism, as well as having a deep effect on your overall well-being.

The Slimyonik teams’ research and development culminated in 11 different, sophisticated treatment algorithms which feed into your treatments, based on Vodder’s own research. These algorithms have been funnelled into several different treatment programmes which will be chosen with your unique goals in mind; these programmes can target cellulite and slimming through to relaxation, and they vary in length. In fact, the length of the treatment is entirely unique to you as the Slimyonik device judges how long you need to be treated depending on the resistance your body gives to the pressure, the selected programme, and other factors.

During your treatment, you’ll be lying down and zipped into the comfortable, padded Slimyonik trousers, which look a little like the bottom half of a space suit! As the treatment starts, you’ll begin to feel the tailored pressure therapy and lymphatic stimulation which comes from the chambers of the trousers. This pressure therapy is combined with the inhalation of oxygen-enriched air to boost your metabolism, whilst gently activating your lymph system and increasing the blood flow to both your skin and fat tissue, and skin, from your scalp to the tips of your toes.

Following your relaxing Slimyonik treatment, your lymphatic system is stimulated for 36 hours after treatment. The lymphatic system is the support network of our immune system, therefore, through your Slimyonik sessions you are supporting your immune health, recovery, and defences. Having a healthy, mobile lymphatic system helps to support and create a healthier body.

Why Is It So Important to Support Your Lymphatic System?

The lymphatic system does not have its own internal pump, as the circulatory system does, it relies on us moving it around the body with muscle contractions. Many of us sit for long periods of time travelling and working, alongside various stressors in our modern lifestyle; this can result in us not breathing consciously enough, taking in just enough oxygen, and can hinder lymphatic movement, our repair processes, and our fat reduction. The bottom line is that healthy lymph helps to create a healthy body skin and fatty tissue.

Slimyonik therapy can support those with sedentary and stressful lifestyles, as well as those who probably get poorly a little more than they should or are feeling sluggish, fatigued, and don’t look as bright as they could. Slimyonik therapy can also support those on the other end of this spectrum; someone who is very mobile and active. This type of person may hold a lot of lactic acid in their muscles and their recovery processes need support.

During the Slimyonik treatment we are stimulating your lymphangion, the muscle walls that push your lymph around your body. This therapy increases your lymphangion’s speed by up to 6 times, therefore increasing lymphatic movement and metabolism; boosting the breakdown and removal of waste and fat deposits and toxins from your body and supercharging your defences.

As a volume-reduction treatment, addressing both fat volume and water retention, it was important for the scientists behind Slimyonik to maximise its fat burn capabilities; 86% of the fat that we ‘burn’ is removed through breath; alongside carbon dioxide, specifically. The other 14% is through body fluids. This is why our breath is such an important part of the fat removal process; going back to our modern, sedentary lifestyles, many of us are only taking in the minimum oxygen required. We know that fat burn can occur through low-impact exercises, such as yoga, where you consciously breathe; this knowledge is why the addition of Slimyonik’s ambient oxygen came in. By increasing the oxygen in your body, you expel more carbon dioxide and, when you’re in a calorie deficit, it’s with that that you expel fat. If you’re interested in this information, this TEDx talk by Ruben Meerman is fascinating (and entertaining).

The combination of the mental and physical state of Slimyonik pressure-therapy combined with the oxygen-rich ambient air results in effective fat removal; allowing fat deposits to be broken down and eliminated, as well as improving other body functions and wellness. Please note that oxygen is an add-on to the treatment, it’s not essential for well-being but it is important in the body sculpting algorithm.
Please see the ‘Indications that SLIMYONIK may be right for you’ tab for an in-depth breakdown of the benefits, as well as the systems of your body Slimyonik supports.

What Should I Expect During Treatment?

During the treatment, you wear the comfortable, padded Slimyonik trousers. These trousers cover you from your toes up to your lower chest, just under the ‘bra area’. Throughout your treatment you will also have a nasal cannula gently resting in your nostrils; this will boost your oxygen intake by up to 40%, enhancing your body’s health and function whilst helping to facilitate fat loss.

The treatment is comfortable and due to the pressure therapy techniques, you’ll experience sensations similar to that felt during a massage in the areas the Slimyonik trousers cover. In fact, it is the equivalent of having 24 hands massaging you all at once!
As the treatment algorithms are tailored to your needs, the treatment does vary in intensity but does not cause discomfort. The Slimyonik is a pain-free, tailored pressure therapy massage only, and most clients find it a very relaxing experience.

Where Can I Have Slimyonik Near Me?

The Skin to Love Clinic can be found in the heart of St. Albans, Hertfordshire and is proud to be one of the first few medical-aesthetic clinics in the UK offering the Slimyonik treatment.

If you like the sound of Slimyonik and the ways it can benefit your wellbeing, body, and skin then our experienced team would be glad to discuss your needs and the Slimyonik treatment further in a private consultation at our award-winning clinic. All you need to do is call us on 01727837429 or send us a message via our contact form and we’ll be in touch shortly to arrange your consultation.

Slimyonik vs. the Body Ballancer Pressure Therapy Massages

This is a good question; what’s better, the Slimyonik or the Body Ballancer? They both look extremely similar and work on a very similar concept, so here’s our quick snapshot of how the Body Ballancer and Slimyonik compare.

The Slimyonik offers the enhanced addition of oxygen therapy whereas the Body Ballancer does not offer this. Check out this TEDx talk by Ruben Meerman for why the addition of oxygen is important.

Our understanding is that the Body Ballancer offers 4 different types of pressure massage; ‘pre-therapy’ to clear the central lymphatics, ‘wave’ to relax as well as target cellulite, ‘intense’ for volume reduction, and ‘balancer’ which helps to improve circulation and tired legs.

The Slimyonik offers 8 different programmes in comparison; ‘slimming & cellulite’ to support fat reduction, stimulate lymph flow and metabolism, and strengthen the connective and fatty tissue together; ‘cellulite massage’ which has a positive effect on silhouette contouring, stimulating your lymphatic flow and circulation, as well as your metabolism; ‘relaxing massage’ allows you to relax and unwind, plus stimulates your metabolism and lymph flow; ‘lymphatic massage’ is great for heavy, swollen legs, greatly stimulates your lymphatic flow and metabolism offering a perfect starting programme to remove waste and improve nutrient delivery.

Slimyonik then offers a combination of programmes designed with specific goals in mind. These are ‘pre and post’ for treatment before and after other forms of fat removal, such as Cristal, Emsculpt Neo, and fat-dissolving injections to help you better metabolise the treated fat cells and remove them from your body. Then there is a programme for sports massage to assist the breakdown of lactate, ideal following endurance sport. The next programme is for post-short, intensive sports such as HITT and will also help to break down lactate. Finally, there’s a programme designed to support treatments offering various forms of fat removal, including laser lipolysis, by helping to break down fat and aid recovery time.

Both the Body Ballancer and the Slimyonik offer ‘gradient’ pressure, offering firmer pressure on the lower half of your body and reducing it over the abdomen for better comfort during the treatments.

Both treatments recommend a course of 12 sessions, ideally with 2 or 3 sessions per week, however, both treatments can offer benefits in as little as a single session.

The Body Ballancer and the Slimyonik have both been proven to be effective, the addition of oxygen therapy during the Slimyonik Air Bodystyler treatment tends to make it more effective as it aids in the removal of fat, as well as other wellness benefits.

Do You Have Any Slimyonik Reviews?

Yes, we do have some Slimyonik reviews that we have permission to share with you.

“Sam rated us 5 out of 5!
Very comfortable treatment and can’t wait for the next one. !!
Appointment verified by Phorest Salon Software”

“Kerri rated us 5 out of 5!
Thank you for a very relaxing Slimyonik treatment; I’m looking forward to its numerous health and wellness benefits throughout my course. I already slept better last night! Looking forward to my next one already.
Appointment verified by Phorest Salon Software”

“Kay rated us 5 out of 5!
I am having a lot of treatments for weight loss and laser hair removal with Nikki who I really like and is brilliant at her job and helps me a lot through the treatments and I’m very grateful. Hopefully, my treatments will improve my weight and then there are a few other treatments that I want to find out about and consider. Thank you very much for all your help. Kay
Appointment verified by Phorest Salon Software”

Is Slimyonik Going to Make Me Lose Weight?

No. The Slimyonik Air Bodystyler is not a weight loss treatment, and you should not expect to see a change on the scales because of it. It is a treatment that can help to improve and prevent cellulite, as well as aid in reducing fat volume and water retention. If you are looking for the fat volume reduction that this body treatment can offer, then we always recommend that it’s used alongside calorific deficit so that it can help your body metabolise and remove the unwanted fat for a more contoured, smoother appearance.

Why Does the Slimyonik Suit Come up to the Bust Area?

When we’re looking at lymph activation, 60% is in the groin and abdomen area so this is where the treatment focuses on, but this does have a positive impact on your entire body not just the areas that are specifically in the Slimyonik suit.

Why Is the Slimyonik a Leader in This Type of Treatment?

The difference from other body suits in the market is the composition of the Slimyonik trousers themselves. The outer suit is made from robust material which allows them to be rigid, with no ‘give’ or stretch; this allows all the compression to be inflated into the body, rather than away from it, so we don’t need to be using high-level pressure to get the same result.

Due to the overlapping design of the internal inflation chambers, there are no breaks, or seams, between the pressure chambers which can cause stagnancy in the flow of blood to your skin and lymph. The Slimyonik design ensures a continual, consistent upward flow and movement of your lymph.

Slimyonik also offers oxygen therapy which offers additional health and wellbeing benefits, alongside enhanced fat metabolism.

Where Does the Slimyonik Oxygen Come From?

The device uses ambient air from the room you’re in air enriched with oxygen; this is about 21% oxygen. If your Slimyonik treatment includes the use of oxygen therapy, you wear a small, single-use cannula gently resting in your nostrils. The ambient air is sucked in by the treatment unit, cleaned and germ-reduced (each single-use cannular has a germ filter), and finally enriches your air with oxygen; this process increases the oxygen you breathe in during the treatment by 40%.

We recommend consciously breathing during the treatment to get the full benefits of the oxygen.

I Have Varicose Veins, Can I Still Have Slimyonik?

No, we wouldn’t be able to treat you should you have varicose veins unless you consulted your doctor, and they signed it off. Thread veins aren’t an issue, your programme may be tweaked, if deemed necessary, to lessen the pressure.

What Contraindications Are There?

There are only a few contraindications to the Slimyonik air bodystyler treatments. These are Arteriosclerosis or venous circulatory disorders; cardiac decompensation; inflamed lymphatic drainage or nodes; known or suspected leg vein thrombosis or vein inflammations; gangrene; acute inflammatory or febrile illnesses; untreated and or infected wounds; inflammation in the areas to be treated; and erysipelas/open wounds.

For pre-existing cardiac or kidney conditions, visibly pronounced varicose veins, and other non-specified illnesses we ask you to consult with your doctor first to obtain consent for this treatment, prior to treatment.

Slimyonik can be used during pregnancy, however, we would turn the abdominal chambers off so that your torso is not treated, however, we do have to lay you on your back and zip you into the Slimyonik trousers fully so this will need to be a consideration. You can have treatment if you’re breastfeeding.

A single, pay-as-you-go Slimyonik treatment is £100. A package (course) of 12 Slimyonik sessions is £1,100.

How Slimyonik Works


Sessions 6 Frequency 2 sessions per week over 3 weeks Method Result was achieved using the combination of the Lymphatic and the Slimming and Cellulite programmes.


Sessions 6 Frequency 2 sessions per week over 3 weeks Method Result was achieved using the combination of the Lymphatic and the Slimming and Cellulite programmes.


Sessions 10 Frequency 2 sessions per week over 5 weeks Method Result was achieved using the combination of the Lymphatic and the Slimming and Cellulite programmes.


Sessions 10 Frequency 2 sessions per week over 5 weeks Method Result was achieved using the combination of the Lymphatic and the Slimming and Cellulite programmes.

Treatment Summary

No. of treatments
A course of 12 treatments is required, ideally at weekly intervals or more frequently dependent on requirements if you are wanting the full benefits; this will be discussed with you at consultation. However, should you wish to have the treatment for relaxation and a general boost to your wellbeing, you may have a single treatment either on its own or as an add on to another treatment you’re having. There should be a minimum of 36 hours between long term sessions. Your individual programme will be discussed with you.

Recovery time

Procedure time
Depends on the required outcome, treatment usually ranges between 30 and 50 minutes.

Discomfort level

Final results
Some changes may be noticed throughout your course of treatment, but full results can be appreciated after the completion of your course.

Duration of results
This is very individual and led by each client. It will vary on the required outcome and the client’s lifestyle and medical background. We do recommend a monthly maintenance treatment post course.

Resume usual activities

Consultation needed prior

*Disclaimer: We are all individuals therefore results and patient experience may vary from person to person. The information we provide is based on extensive experience treating a wide variety of patients of different ages and genders with varying baselines and is based on an average patient experience. No guarantees can be made about what your results and experience will be. Slimyonik before and after images and reviews are unique to the individual and we do not suggest that you will have the same outcome.

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Response from the owner: Thank you so much. We really appreciate your feedback and are thrilled that you feel your experiences with us are worthy of 5 stars. We are so pleased to hear that you’ve had a great experience every time you’ve visited and that you’ve found Nikki nice and informative and that the clinic has a good vibe! We all really appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences.
Professional, caring and informative. I always feel in good hands here.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us Natalie, we really appreciate your feedback. It’s so wonderful to hear that you feel in good hands with us and we’re delighted that you have found us to be professional, caring, and informative. Thank you again, Natalie!
Highly recommend the Skin to Love clinic , such a lovely relaxing atmosphere and so professional. I am very pleased with my treatment with Stuart and Jane both of whom took plenty of time to discuss my requirements, desired outcomes and exactly what to expect, including step by step explanation during treatment. Can’t wait to see the results emerging and beyond
Response from the owner: What a lovely review! Thank you for giving us feedback on your treatment results and the care you received from Jane. We’re really pleased you’re so happy with your results-enjoy!
Dr Emma was so patient and gentle during my procedure. She is very good at what she does and is so kind! The treatment was one big step to making me feel more confident with my appearance and it is reassuring that she will answer any and all questions I have.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for your feedback Lara; we are thrilled to hear that you have found our service so helpful in boosting your confidence. This makes us so happy! It’s really wonderful to hear that you found your practitioner so patient and gentle during your procedure and that you found her competent and kind. We’re always here for you if you have any further questions. Thank you once again, Lara, for your kind words.
very good experience
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for your feedback Julian. We’re so happy to hear that you had a very good experience and we would like to take the opportunity to thank you for choosing us to care for you.
Just been for my annual mole check! Emma is wonderful. Uber professional. Sensitive and never any pressure.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experiences of our dermatology service Anthony. We are thrilled that you found your mole check to be professional and that you found Emma to be sensitive, without putting any pressure on you. Thank you for choosing us to look after you.
1st Consultation - Very relaxed, friendly and informative.
Response from the owner: Thank you for sharing your experience and for choosing us to consult with you Diane, it was a pleasure looking after you. We’re so pleased that you found your consultation informative, relaxed, and friendly.
Nicky and Natalia were excellent. Very knowledgable and professional!
Response from the owner: Thank you for sharing your experience with us Rob. We’re so pleased that you found both Nikki and Nurse Natalia knowledgeable and professional. Thanks for choosing us to look after you!
Great experience, Natalia was very thorough with talking me through the process and what to expect. She made me feel at ease. Clean and bright rooms as well.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for your five star feedback and rating Hannah-Mai. It’s wonderful to hear about your experience with Nurse Natalia and that you found her very thorough when taking you through the process so that you knew what to expect at each step. It’s great to hear she made you feel at ease and we’re so pleased that you found our environment clean and bright. Thank you for choosing us to look after you.
Fabulous place. From the moment you step through the door you are warmly welcomed. Natalia is very knowledgable and friendly. She really listened to my concerns sensitively and gave me all the options available without pushing me to make a decision. I was given all the time I needed to make my choice and when I went back for my treatment it was such a relaxing experience. I went away knowing exactly what I needed to do as after care and I highly recommend Skin to Love
Response from the owner: Terri, thank you so much for your wonderful feedback. We really appreciate you sharing your experiences with us and are thrilled to hear that you’ve had such a good experience from start to finish.How wonderful to hear that you felt listened to by Nurse Natalia and that you found her to be friendly, sensitive and knowledgeable. One of our core philosophies is to empower our clients to make the right choices for them (which may very well be not to do anything at all!) by sharing our knowledge and expertise with them; it’s lovely to see that this was your experience. It’s also wonderful that you felt sure of what you had to do (or not do as the case may be) after your visit with us. Thank you wholeheartedly for your kind recommendation, it means a lot to the entire team!
Jane was so lovely today. Really made me feel comfortable and reassured. She was very kind and answered all my questions; I’m really happy with how my appointment went. Thank you!
Response from the owner: Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback and to share you experience Leah. We are so thrilled that you had such a good experience with Jane. It is lovely to hear that Jane made you feel comfortable, reassured, and that she answered all of your questions; we’re always here for you if you have any more. Thank you again Leah!
Had my first session of Sculptlift, with Jane. I had so many questions and Jane explained in simple terms enabling me to understand what to expect. The procedure was painless and Jane talked me through every step. I was left without bruising which was suprising as I usually bruise quite badly. I am looking forward to seeing the final results.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for taking the time to feedback to us about your experience of our signature treatment, SculptLift, with Jane. It’s wonderful to hear that you felt the treatment was fully discussed so that you felt fully informed prior to going ahead. It’s really wonderful to hear that she made you comfortable throughout your procedure and she guided you through the process. Additionally wonderful that you didn’t experience any bruising, particularly as someone who bruises easily! Jane will be looking forward to reviewing your results with you soon. Thanks again Sam!
I cannot recommend this establishment enough. The receptionist was lovely and greeted me with a bright smile. Emma was friendly, kind and put me right at ease. After seeing how much my issue bothered me, she offered me an appointment the same day during her break to sort out my problem. I’m so happy and relieved that my issue is 95% sorted. Thank you so much Skin to Love! You’ve certainly got a customer for life now! I’ll be telling all my friends about this little gem.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback. It really means a lot to us. So happy to hear what a lovely welcome you received and how empathetic and happy to help you found your practitioner to be.Absolutely thrilled to hear that you’re a customer for life and that you’ll be telling your friends; the highest praise indeed! Thank you so very much. It was a pleasure to look after you.