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dermatologist near me

Looking To Find ‘A Dermatologist Near Me?’ Welcome To Our Skin Clinic

Most people will have a lump or a bump on their skin that has developed during a time and, although it poses no risk to their health, often would like to have it removed by a private dermatologist.

Cosmetic Dermatology is a private specialised service that’s no longer accessible through your NHS GP. For instance, mole removal (Hertfordshire) can be offered by NHS GP practices and their qualified doctors on medical grounds, however, if the removal is only for cosmetic purposes the NHS will not treat you. It is in situations like these where people require private clinics, such as our CQC registered Dermatology Clinic in Hertfordshire, for safe and effective treatment by an in house consultant dermatologist.

Our St. Albans dermatology service focuses on giving you personalised and specialist advice, improving your skin for cosmetic purposes, and empowering you to make an informed decision about your skin health and skin conditions.

Our Treatable Skin Conditions & Services Include:

Mole Removal  skin Tag Removal

Cyst Removal  wart removal

verruca removal

seborrheic warts  milia treatment

keloid scar treatment  skin lesion removal

Alopecia Areata For Stress Related Hair Loss

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Why Choose Our Dermatology Clinic In St. Albans?

Skin tags, moles, milia, warts and verruca are terms people generally use in reference to ’lumps and bumps’ and are some of the skin conditions frequently seen and treated at our dermatology clinic in St. Albans, Hertfordshire. Removal could involve minor surgery, laser treatment, cauterisation or cryotherapy. Following your initial consultation, where we discuss your skin condition, a treatment plan and the full cost of the proposed treatment will be offered to you.

An Assessment (mole checks) is with the use of a dermatoscope (magnification) and we offer quick and easy minor surgery for common skin diseases and concerns such as moles, tags and cyst removal. At our St. Albans dermatology clinic, patient safety and satisfaction are our priority, so you will also receive detailed aftercare advice, and a follow-up appointment will be scheduled as appropriate.


Meet Emma Kamasho

consultant dermatologist

Advanced Skin Specialist & Nurse practitioner; Registered General Nurse (RGN); Independent Nurse Prescriber (INP); Master of Sciences Dermatology (MSc)

Since 2016, Emma has performed thousands of surgeries, both in private healthcare settings and NHS.

Emma started her medical career as a Registered Nurse in 2005; a career path that naturally progressed towards the discipline of Dermatology, in particular, minor skin surgery, where she has held the positions of Theatre Nurse; Senior Theatre Sister; Theatre Co-Ordinator/Manager/First Assistant/ Sedation Recovery Nurse; Specialist Nurse Practitioner in Aesthetics and Lasers; Dermatology Nursing Lead and Skin Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist; Private Nurse Practitioner locum minor skin surgery.

During her comprehensive career, Emma has been fortunate enough to have been supported by and privileged to have worked alongside some of the best Cosmetic Consultants in Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, Aesthetic Medicine and Dermatologists in the UK.

Her natural passion for this area of medicine meant that Emma did extra training through continuous learning over several years and achieved academic qualifications in her chosen discipline. This resulted in Emma becoming an Advanced Nurse Practitioner and a Skin Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist; the depth of knowledge, skill and ability that Emma brings to The Skin to Love Clinic is something we are incredibly proud of and privileged to share with our dermatology patients.

From her advanced training, Emma can clinically assess, examine advise, and onward refer where necessary.

Emma’s Qualifications

2005 Certified Registered General Adult Nursing (RGN) – Bedfordshire University.

2009-2010 Certified Surgical Assistant – National Association of Assistance in Surgical Practice. London.

2011 Registered Non-Medical Independent Nurse Prescribers – Bedfordshire University.

2015 Certified in Fundamentals & Clinical Application of IV Therapy – The University of British Columbia. Canada.

2019 Master of Science Degree. Dermatology Skills and Treatment – The University of Hertfordshire. Hertfordshire.

dermatologist near me

What Makes Our Skin Specialists At Skin To Love Different:

1. We never forget what it feels like to be a patient.

Our Front of House staff works tirelessly to ensure that you feel comfortable and welcome, no matter if it’s your initial consultation or if you’ve been coming to us for years. Our team of skin specialists understand the anxieties that many patients have about treatments, in fact, some have been in your shoes and started their journey with us as patients. We pride ourselves on our ability to make you feel at home. Not to mention, they make a mean cup of tea!

“A really positive experience – very relaxed, friendly and professional, as well as thorough and even enthusiastic!” – Tim“I’m not sure what moved me to enter your practice yesterday but I am glad I did. It was all handled very professionally and my treatment was skilfully done with consideration and empathy. Thank you. I would fully recommend your services.” – Tom 

2. Our commitment to assisting all of our patients to make the right treatment choice prevails in everything we do.

It’s because of this commitment that we always start your journey with a thorough consultation with our experienced and friendly medical staff. We work closely with you, listening to your needs and desires, before providing you with a detailed skin analysis so that we can fully learn about your skin. We then find solutions for your individual concerns and create a personalised treatment plan for you.

“A fantastic experience mole checking with Emma. Really thorough in showing me the different types of moles and what she was looking at and for. Felt thoroughly confident in her and will definitely return for a regular check-up. Thank you.” – Carey“Everyone here is so friendly. I came regarding a skin concern that made me feel very insecure and they offered me so much reassurance and an easy way to fix it. What could have been a very embarrassing experience was made to be a really pleasant one.” – Gabby

3. Skin is our passion, which means we love to educate our patients about their skin so that they can truly understand their treatment options.

We want to achieve great results for you just as much as you do. It’s one of the biggest reasons why we do what we do; the confidence that our treatments bring about has often been described as ‘life-changing’. All members of our team providing treatments work closely with our patients to help them achieve their expectations as well as promote natural, healthy-looking results.

“I saw the lovely Emma today for a mole check. I came away with complete peace of mind and greater awareness of what to think about/ lookout for and also peace of mind about a patch of skin in my hairline, that I thought was a wound that wouldn’t heal. Very knowledgeable, warm and friendly lady – I’d highly recommend!” – Amber“Emma was very professional and put me at ease straight away and even asked if I minded her looking at a couple of other blemishes which I hadn’t gone to see her about. Highly recommended.” – Glenys

dermatologist near me

Are You Concerned About Skin Lesions?

Your skin can have a huge impact on your confidence and your health. Whatever your skin concern or complaint, we can provide the information and service you need to give your skin the care it deserves. Whether you are concerned about how a mole affects your appearance or need advice on a procedure offered. Emma will help you better understand your skin during our skin consultation, book an appointment today and be treated in a compassionate and empowering way.

Looking For A Dermatologist Near Me?

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We are located in the centre of St Albans City centre, we are near to both St Albans City and St Albans Abbey train stations. There are many car parks in St Albans City centre with the Maltings Car Park being the closest location to The Skin To Love Clinic, approximately a two minute walk away.

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