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Lip fillers before and after

Everything you need to know about Lip Fillers

If you’ve seen the Absolutely Fabulous movie, you’ll probably have cringed at the sight of Patsy with her DIY lip fillers and jabbing her own face with injections of supposed foetus blood. In today’s media, you can barely go online or pick up a magazine without being force-fed horror stories about things that could go horribly wrong because of an untrained surgeon or using the wrong lip filler – remember Leslie Ash?

Behind the knee-jerk reactions and celebrity over-use, there’s a quiet revolution in lip augmentation that’s making a real difference to people’s lives. So here’s our brief guide to everything you need to know about lip fillers that won’t result in a trout pout.

Hyaluronic acid

Collagen fillers are mainly a thing of the past – the effects didn’t last very long and the treatment required allergy tests that needed a three week wait before treatment. These days there are other options which are a lot safer and have longer lasting effects.

We use hyaluronic acid which is a substance found naturally in the body, which means it’s less likely to cause an allergic reaction. In fact, it’s commonly used in eye surgery to replace the natural fluids which are dispelled during the operation.

The injection of hyaluronic acid will create a ‘cushion’ which provides volume and therefore definition to your lips.

Most people don’t want their lips to look as over-the-top as some celebrities favour, and the effects of hyaluronic acid fillers can be as subtle as you want them to be, as you can see from these before and after photos taken of one of our patients.

Award winning

We use Teosyal® hyaluronic acid fillers for the majority of our treatments, as it is both long lasting and safe. In 2015, we were thrilled to win the Teosyal® Outstanding Clinic Award which was a great way of proving our commitment to patient experience, safety, treatment results, training and product knowledge.

If you’re interested in finding out more about lip fillers and how we can give your lips a natural-looking younger appearance, get in touch to find out what our award winning staff can do for you.

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