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December Offers

We are delighted to offer you three fantastic deals for December. They are great value for money so you can maximise your beauty and feel fabulous for less. Book your appointment and claim your offer with one of our aesthetic practitioners today.

3 SuneKos & Byonik Eye Treatments


Get a course of three SuneKos eye treatments and 3 Byonik eye treatments this Christmas.

  • Target this problem area and improve signs of eye ageing such as wrinkles, hollowness and crepey skin.
  • Deeply rehydrate the skin to plump and smooth.
  • Trigger your skins’ collagen production to improve skin quality and signs of ageing.
  • Protect your skin from free radicals, such as pollution, from within your cells by infusing the, with antioxidants.
  • Re-energises your skin, giving the skin around your eyes a visible boost.




5 Sessions Of the Refresh & Glow treatment


Begin your Refresh and Glow treatment by removing dull, dead skin cells with a refreshing glycolic exfoliation, revealing a softer, brighter complexion. Immediately followed by the sought-after rejuvenating Derma FNS micro-needling treatment to stimulate new collagen and soften surface imperfections such as wrinkles or scars. Finish with a relaxing, deeply hydrating and detoxifying face mask.

Phase one: glycolic exfoliation

Glycolic peels are a great way to refresh dull, weary skin by revealing and stimulating healthy new skin cells.

During your treatment enzymes exfoliate and slough off those dead skin cells on the uppermost layer of the skin so that you look refreshed, healthy and bright whilst helping to improve any very superficial pigmentation and other signs of ageing your skin may be starting to show. Additionally, glycolic treatments allow your products to absorb deeper into the skin so that you can really get the most from your at-home products.

Phase two: Derma FNS

A few treatments of Derma FNS are perfect if you’re looking to improve the signs of scarring, soften fines lines and refresh tired dull-looking skin.

This Micro-needling procedure stimulates the production of new dermal collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin replacing ageing and damaged tissue with healthy, new skin cells creating a smoother, more even-toned, softer looking skin.

Results are progressive and you’ll notice daily improvement after your treatment with your skin looking brighter and boasting a more uniform tone. Results can be achieved after a single session but even better, more noticeable results can be seen after a series of sessions.

Phase 3: Nourishing, hydrating, soothing and detoxifying mask

Ultimate Recovery Bio-Cellulose Mask is the ultimate S.O.S treatment for skin in need of hydration. This soothing sheet mask provides intense moisture and helps to calm sore, dry skin by harnessing the power of nourishing and detoxifying natural minerals. Using premium bio-cellulose material which never dries out, the mask cools instantly upon application, enveloping skin in continuous hydration. Skin is left moisturised, calmed and ultimately refreshed.




Lower Face Threadlift* & Thermage Facial


Do you wish to redefine and sharpen your jawline? Has your facial skin lost some of its elasticity and ‘bounce’? Is your lower face becoming heavy-looking, perhaps you’re noticing that ‘jowls’ are forming? This combination of extremely popular lifting, firming and tightening treatments may be just the thing you need.

This package is a winning combination of instant, long-lasting skin tightening and lifting for the lower face and jawline from the extremely popular Thread Lift treatment teamed with the skin firming, collagen-stimulating and smoothing results of the skin tightening Thermage treatment, a favourite with natural-looking celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Anniston and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

This package of highly sought-after treatments may be ideal for you if:

  • You wish to tighten and redefine your jawline.
  • You wish to firm your mid-to-lower face.
  • You have skin that is lacking in elasticity and has lost its’ ‘bounce’.
  • You have skin crepiness.
  • You are noticing lines and wrinkles.
  • Your lower face is becoming ‘heavy’.

*The lower face thread lift is for 6 threads per side of your face.





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