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Men’s skin care: avoid shaving bumps and rashes

We wouldn’t be true to our skin care expertise if we were not did not mention one of the most common men’s skin care issues: shaving bumps and rashes.

Shaving bumps are caused by freshly shaved hair curling back against itself and penetrating the skin. The body then treats it as though it’s an infection, causing swelling and painful red bumps. It can also leave behind pigmentation, which is very common in darker skin types.

A lot of the time, the bumps can be prevented by using a good razor, which doesn’t necessarily mean a multi-blade one because they often shave too close to the skin. Try using a single or double-blade razor, use a moisturising shaving cream, shave in the direction of your hair growth and rinse the razor after every stroke. When you’ve finished shaving, splash your face with cold water to close the pores.

Softening your stubble before you shave will also help. Either shave immediately after your shower, or soak a flannel in hot water and put it across your face for five minutes before you start shaving.

What to do if you have shaving bumps or a rash

First of all, give your skin a rest. Leave it for two or three days before the next time you shave. Don’t pick or squeeze the bumps and try not to rub your face.

The easiest men’s skin care trick is using a simple wash which contains a chemical exfoliator such as glycolic acid; it will gently unclog the hair follicles of dead skin cells which can block the hairs from coming out of the skin. Try to avoid physical exfoliators (washes that feel ‘gritty’ or have little beads in them) as they can be too harsh and could irritate or damage the skin further.

Laser hair removal

Some men come into the Clinic to have laser hair removal on their beards, but this doesn’t necessarily mean getting rid of the hair entirely. Some men just want to sort out problem areas, e.g. on the neck or under the chin. Others just want to thin the hair out and slow down the growth so they don’t have to shave every day and irritate the area further.

If you would like advice on the best skincare products and treatments for shaving bumps and rashes, contact us to find out more or to book an appointment. Alternatively, visit our Clinic in the centre of St Albans to talk to one of our members of staff.


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