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Jane Lewis

5 skin care secrets

For me skin ageing is all about looking good for your age, not trying to look decades younger.” Says Jane.

A registered nurse, Jane has specialised in aesthetic medicine since the 1980s, ‘what Jane doesn’t know about skin, isn’t worth knowing!’ we heard many of her patients openly proclaim. Jane wouldn’t totally agree with them, however:

“The field of aesthetic medicine and dermatology is rapidly advancing all the time so there is always something new to learn if you want to keep up-to-date. One of the greatest things about my job is that my colleagues and I really enjoy sharing our latest research with each other; it helps to keep us all informed about the latest and greatest ways we can help our patients have healthy, beautiful skin”.

So, what’s the secret to looking good for your age, at every age? Here are Jane’s top 5 skin care tips, plus find out more about the products she uses every day and the treatments she undergoes:


1/ When did you first become interested in aesthetics and skincare?

I first trained in the 1970s and was working as a psychiatric nurse and quickly realised the impact mental health has on the skin and visa-Versa. After a number of years, I had an opportunity to work for a clinic that offered cosmetic surgery and cosmetic treatments such as skin peels and Collagen injections, so that’s when I really began to get my experience in this sector.


2/ What are your favourite skincare brands and why?

If I could only choose a handful of brands, it would be Skin to Love, Swisscode, Revision Skincare and Obagi. The results, clinical studies and science behind the products are very impressive.


3/ Describe your skincare regime.

I have sensitive skin and have suffered from rosacea for 30 years; I’ve never let this condition dictate my search for the ‘elixir of youth’ however! I mix together Vitamin C, Swisscode Age Control and Profilo serum (hyaluronic acid) each day and apply it before I put on Revision Skincare Intellishade, which has a 45SPF. I use a specialist neck product called [Revision Skincare] Nectifirm Advanced. Once, maybe twice a week I use a very low dose 0.25% Tretinoin to make sure my skin cells keep turning over.


4/What are your top 5 tips for looking after your skin?

  • Protect your skin with a daily sun cream which has a minimum of 30SPF; I always tell my patients, no matter what age, if you can only do one thing for your skin, it’s this.
  • Cleanse morning and evening.
  • Find ways to manage your stress; stress not only prematurely ages your skin, but it can also exacerbate skin concerns such as rosacea and acne.
  • Don’t over complicate your regime; invest in a cleanser and hyaluronic acid, most people will benefit from using a retinol at night and everyone should use an SPF in the day. Simple.
  • If in doubt, get it checked out. If you’ve found something on your skin that you’re a little bit worried about, make sure you visit your NHS GP or a private dermatologist to give you peace of mind. Remember, not all skin cancers are connected to moles; The British Skin Foundation has put together a good guide for possible signs to look out for.


5/What skincare treatments do you regularly have done?

Due to a busy schedule at the Clinic, I tend to avoid treatments that require too much down-time so that I can get back to treating my patients ASAP! Another staple for me is a yearly Thermage CPT skin tightening for my eyes; I’m 60 next year and am trying to put off more drastic surgical treatments for heavy upper eyelids for as long as possible. I am also a big fan of Profhilo which I’ve had for my face and neck to help with crepiness and general skin ageing; I’ll have maintenance of this treatment about twice a year. Occasionally I have fillers when my nose-to-mouth lines and marionette lines deepen; this is such a great way of subtly smoothing those obvious signs of ageing.

Thank you, Jane! Learn more about Jane and the entire team here.

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