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Christmas Gifts

Christmas gift dilemma?

Last-minute rush for Christmas gifts? Stuck for ideas for the man or woman in your life? Then the Skin to Love Clinic’s gift voucher might just be the perfect solution to a tricky problem! And yes, treatments at the clinic are suitable for both the ladies and the gents.

We recently had the pleasure of treating Matt Adams, editor of the Herts Advertiser he describes his experience of the Fraxel and Byonik treatments in his piece ‘The quest for a younger you isn’t just for women it seems’. Initially, wondering if he could take back the years and tackle the fine lines and wrinkles that had crept up on him Matt was pleasantly surprised with the results and said he felt 10 years younger after the sessions!

So, if the chap in your life is showing signs of natural ageing but wants to turn back the clock but needs a bit of persuading then maybe explaining the science behind the treatment will help and Byonik is the perfect example. This revolutionary NASA technology uses an individual’s pulse frequency to trigger laser light. This then stimulates the skin at a cellular level making it super absorbent; this is followed by a gentle facial massage technique using the body’s natural healer hyaluronic acid which is absorbed into the skin cells. As a result, dormant skin cells are reactivated and the skin looks brighter and fresher and – younger. This brilliant regenerative treatment also has the advantage of being suitable for all skin types and perfect if you want to tackle the natural signs of ageing, including lines, wrinkles, crepey and dull skin.

Byonik is also great for use around the eyes and can be used in conjunction with our newest member of the Skin to Love treatment portfolio SuneKos; this new injectable treatment has a special formula which blends amino acids and Hyaluronic acid (HA) to regenerate the area. SuneKos is also popular for use around the neck and face if you are experiencing a loss of volume or elasticity, it is safe for use to combat eye ageing such as wrinkles, hollowness or crepey skin. You can read more about SuneKos and how it strengthens and hydrates ageing skin here.

If a refreshed glowing skin is on your wish list then a series of Glycolic peels combined with a couple of treatments of Derma FNS may be just the Christmas present you need and it’s not just for Christmas as this treatment can be used on a monthly basis to give your skin a boost. Excellent if you want to improve the signs of scarring and soften fines lines. And for the finishing touch the Ultimate Recovery Bio-Cellulose Mask which nourishes, hydrates and soothes leaving your skin calmer and refreshed. This exclusive package of combined treatment is available only during December ’19. Learn more on our ‘offers’ page.

If you’re buying a Skin to Love voucher for a loved one and not sure what treatment they might need you can always treat them to a consultation. Do get in touch on 01727 837429 if you would like to purchase a Skin to Love gift voucher and of course, the team are always here to talk through your skin concerns. If you are new to the clinic you will begin your journey with an in-depth consultation with one of our experienced medical practitioners. This is purely an educational session but for some treatments, it is a legal requirement. During your consultation, we’ll run through a thorough medical questionnaire so that your practitioner can discuss the most suitable skincare treatment or products for you.

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